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OutDaughtered News: Busby Family Ditching TLC For Bravo?

busby family updates, danielle and adamWill the Busby family from TLC’s OutDaughtered change networks? The rumor in question is if they will appear on a Real Housewives show. The question came from some interested OutDaughtered fans and this rumor has really started to spread.

OutDaughtered Rumors Spreading Like Wild Fire

Fans of the Busby Family always would like to know more about them. One fan asked Adam  Busby about doing another show, and that show in question was the Real Housewives. Danielle Busby and Adam don’t really fit that mold though. Yes, they may have some money, but they do not portray the attitudes of the rich and famous the way that the Bravo show portrays.

What started this conversation was when OutDaughtered’ Adam Busby posted a photo of himself with his wife. The picture is just beautiful and fans started to reply to it asking a lot of interesting questions about what is next for the couple. The fan wrote, “Your wife has to be on the Real Housewives.  She’s gonna be amazing.”

Adam Busby really did appreciate what the fan said, but he assured the OutDaughtered fans that they did not want to be a part of any drama on a show like that. He told the fan that he knew what they do on that show and it was not exactly the right fit for him and his family.

Adam’s fans fully support the idea of the family staying on TLC. TLC has always been a network that has devoted its content to showing the good morals in the lives of those who appear on their network. This is one of the main reasons that Larissa dos Santos Lima was fired from the network.

Is Danielle Busby Real Housewife Material?

It seems as if the Busby are on TLC to stay. We are happy that they will stay with the show that they make now and not make the jump to a show like the Real Housewives, hopefully the OutDaughtered Bravo rumors will slow down now.

If you want to keep up with the Busbys, you can tune into their weekly YouTube channel or follow them on Instagram. Danielle and Adam post pretty frequently.

Check back here for more OutDaughtered updates and Busby Family News.

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