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OutDaughtered News: Danielle Busby Is An Inspiration To Moms

outdaughtered danielle busby momTLC’s OutDaughtered fans have seen mom Danielle Busby taking on quite a few roles in her life. She’s a mother of six girls, a virtual teacher (for a few months), and a business owner. How does she do it all?

Busby Family News: Danielle’s Ways of Multi-Tasking

Believe it or not, OutDaughtered’s Danielle Busby does have some time on her hands. It may not seem like it with her busy schedule, but she makes time for herself and for date nights with husband Adam Busby. How does she do everything for her family and business and still look well rested and like a million bucks?

Danielle Busby always looks great on her social media accounts and fans love that she never overdoes her look. Danielle explained to her fans that she loves to get her hair done and her type of therapy involves going to the salon and relaxing. She loves being pampered whenever she can and told OutDaughtered fans that it is something everyone should try.

The great part of Danielle Busby’s life is that her sister owns a salon and this helps in her relaxation time. One of the most recent posts that she put on Instagram shared some pictures of the salon and Danielle was still doing work while she was there.

Danielle Busby Shares An Important Mom Tip With OutDaughtered Fans

The picture was of her working on her laptop. She captioned it, “Even in times of pampering, I find myself still multitasking and getting things done.” She also told her fans that she did wear her mask at the salon. She didn’t want the mask police going after her like they have for other reality show celebs.

OutDaughtered fans gave her a lot of props for being able to multitask the way that she does. It does help that all of the girls are back in school and she can take those hours during the day to focus on the businesses of the Busby family. She loved having them home, but it did cause a lot of stress and tension between everyone.

The pandemic has affected the Busby Family a lot, just like all of us. When it all began, Danielle  Busby did open up about being depressed and stressed out with everyone home and being a homeschool teacher. She has taken the time to slow down and take one day at a time.

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