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Love After Lockup News Season 3 Recap: Heather Rages, Lindsey’s Emotional Reunion

Love After Lockup News Season 3 Recap: Heather Rages, Lindsey's Emotional ReunionTonight on the WE their Hit Docuseries Love After Lockup returns with an all-new Friday, October 9, 2020 episode and we have your Love After Lockup recap below.

On tonight’s Love After Lockup fall premiere season 3 episode 13 as per the WE synopsis, “Quaylon cracks under pressure from Shavel; Jessica’s secret stuns Maurice; Dylan begins to see Heather’s true colors; Scott tries to get on Lindsey’s good side; Shawn’s betrayal may be Destinie’s final straw.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our Love After recap between 9 PM – 10 PM ET!  While you wait for the recap make sure to check out all our Love After Lockup recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

Tonight’s Love After Lockup recap begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates

Maurice has received his travel pass. He’s now free to live in Las Vegas and the only requirement is that he has to return to the state of his arrest every month to renew his travel. Maurice was taking his travel pass with great cheer. He loved living in his home and sleeping in his own bed. He also received great news.

Jessica told him she was three weeks late. She believes she’s pregnant and just the belief was enough to get Maurice to get excited. He has an older daughter. He doesn’t get to see his daughter that often and so this could be a fresh start for him. He knows that he still has to face a lot with parole. He knows it won’t be easy finding a job and still he was excited about a potential new baby.

Maurice and Jessica are happy. They’re in love and they couldn’t wait to face the future together. However, the future of Destinie and Shawn’s relationship was in doubt. Shawn still loves Destinie and he wants to make things work for her. It was her that was turning out to be the problem. Destinie didn’t like Shawn talking to his ex.

She got so jealous when she saw he was talking to Kelly that she punched him in the mouth and she told him that it was over. Destinie made it clear that she was out. She didn’t care about Shawn’s reasoning for why he was talking to Kelly and she didn’t care that he spent thousands of dollars on her already. She was just angry with him. She lashed out and she physically assaulted him.

Shawn could press charges. He could send Destinie back to prison and, rather than discuss the seriousness of the matter, he was playing it off like it was all a joke. Shawn spoke to some people about what happened. He told them that Destinie is passionate and that he still wanted to marry her. He was in love with a woman with a short fuse.

He also couldn’t leave the relationship after one major fight because he’s already put in so much effort and so Shawn was looking for a way to make things better with Destinie. And Destinie was on the phone with her sister talking about ending things with Shawn because she said she felt disrespected.

Lindsay and Scott as a couple was doing well. Lindsay was angry at first about the new house with Scott because its still a construction zone and her daughter’s room wasn’t even ready. Only she quickly forgave Scott. She had all the time in the world to do so with fourteen-day quarantine.

Lindsay has to quarantine at home for two weeks. She couldn’t go outside of the house because the ankle monitor was going to Big Brother her and she couldn’t see her daughter until the quarantine was finished just to be safe. Coronavirus has been brutal on everyone. It even made Lindsay feel like she was still in prison because of all the restrictions.

Quaylon was taking his time now that he’s a free man to seek spiritual healing. He met with Shavel’s family’s pastor because it was important to her and speaking to someone about everything that’s going on seems to be helpful. Quaylon unloaded a lot that he’s been feeling.

He mentioned how he wanted to find a job and that he was scared that it was going to be hard for him. Quaylon went away for twelve hours. It also wasn’t over simple crap. It was an armed robbery and so employers can hold that against him. There was no way Quaylon could hide twelve years missing out of his resume.

Oh, Jessica’s test came back positive. It said she was pregnant and so naturally Maurice wanted to tell the world. Jessica had to convince him to wait. She told him they needed to confirm it with the doctor first. The two of them were excited to be pregnant because they couldn’t wait to become parents and so they were at a different point in their relationship than say Chanda and Tyrice. Tyrice actually heard from Chanda since she went to the halfway house and he’s been calling her. Trying to text her. She hasn’t been responding to anything he did and so his daughter had to tell him that he’s been ghosted.

Ghosted is when one party literally drops off the face of the earth. They almost make it seem like they were never real, to begin with. Hence the name. Tyrice didn’t know what ghosting was until his daughter explained to him and even then he still didn’t think that’s what happened. He believes he’s in a relationship with Chanda. He believes that Chanda genuinely cares for him and so unless he hears it from Chanda that they’re over – he’s not going to take his daughter’s word for it. Tyrice’s situation was sad but is it better to believe there’s hope for a relationship or is it not kinder to end things before either party could be left disappointed.

Dylan and Heather were just reunited after five years. They were just getting to know each other when he went to prison and they still continued with their relationship. The couple is now set to start their lives. Only Heather’s apartment flooded right before Dylan’s release. They, therefore, have to temporarily move in with Heather’s Aunt Diane. Aunt Diane seems like an okay person. She greeted Dylan like he was any other young man joining the family and so it was quite a shock when barely an hour into their reunion that Heather got an attitude. She said she didn’t feel well. She said she wanted to lie down and Dylan wanted to go with her. And then that led to an argument.

Heather basically wanted to abandon him to a room full of strangers. Her two aunts were nice. They tried to help Heather. Only she got an attitude with them as well and she told them to leave her alone with her husband. Heather was just being downright rude at one point. Her Aunt Diane told the other aunt that she didn’t want all this drama. She said she doesn’t need it because she’s elderly and needs an oxygen tank. She just wants to live her life. She didn’t want any of Heather’s drama and so that was very telling. Her aunts didn’t appear in any way taken aback by Heather’s behavior almost like they were used to it by now.

Dylan did call Heather borderline. If they couldn’t even make it a day without an argument, maybe he had a point. Heather stopped saying that she didn’t feel well and suddenly she was talking about needing some alone time with Dylan. She convinced him that they had to leave her aunt’s place. The aunt’s place was the address Dylan put down for his parole. His parole officer was going to contact Aunt Diane looking for Dylan and so him leaving there was not what was best for him. Dylan only left because Heather demanded they leave. Heather revealed the reason she supposedly wasn’t feeling well because she got mad that her aunts wanted to get to know Dylan while she wanted to be with him.

Her aunts accused her of acting jealous. Heather told them she wasn’t jealous and that she just wanted to be with her man after five years.

Shawn meanwhile returned to the house and he couldn’t find Destinie. Did she leave?

And Lindsay got to see her daughter in person for the first time in alone time even if it was through the glass front door.


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