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Love After Lockup News: Chanda Curls And Tyrice Update – Are They Still Together?

chanda curls love after lockup cast season 3 2020The Love After Lockup Season 3 cast returns on October 9 and fans are so excited about the WE tv hit show. There will be six new Love After Lockup episodes and we will see what has happened with all of the couples. Some could be dodging their parole officer, while others are on house arrest. Things may not be all unicorns and rainbows for these Season 3 couples and we will see it all.

Love After Lockup 2020 Spoilers: Chanda and Tyrice Are Back

Chanda has gotten out of jail and the new season of Love After Lockup will show us what happens with her and Tyrice. If you don’t remember their back story, Chanda and Tyrice met through a website for inmates in prison. He is almost 50 and she is 28.

Love After Lockup’s Tyrice wants to make a big step and settle with her as soon as possible, but fans aren’t so sure what Chanda is thinking. One of the biggest shocks that fans will see is that Chanda has been chatting with about nine other guys.

Tyrice thinks very highly of Chanda and said of her, “Chanda is a country girl who didn’t have a strong support system. She’s doing three and a half years for selling drugs.”

We have seen a lot of Tyrice shopping for her and getting ready for her to get out of prison. He is ready to be the only man that makes her happy and he wants to marry her and be done with trying to find love again. The thing is, she may not exactly feel that way about him.

love after lockup tyrice and chanda cast 2020 news

Love After Lockup Update: Are Chanda And Tyrice Together?

Tyrice’s friends and family don’t think that Chanda wants to be with him and they have tried to persuade him to break up with her. They feel that she is hiding things from him and we’re pretty sure that she is.

What do you think will happen with Chanda and Tyrice? Do you think that she will accept his proposal to be with him and only him? Do you think he will find out about all of the other men in her life?

Love After Lockup spoilers hint that Tyrice may have a new girlfriend.  The Season 3 cast member shared a photo on social media of another young woman looking rather cozy.  Things are really going to heat up when the new season of Love After Lockup premieres on We tv on October 9.

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