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Mama June Shannon Masks Up – It’s Not Worth The Drama

mama june shannon mask, from not to hotMama June Shannon recently headed to Los Angeles with her boyfriend, Geno Doak to get a makeover. June loves going to LA and Geno has never been, so this is quite a big deal for them. The From Not To Hot couple spent a few days there and when they headed back to Florida, June took time to open up more about wearing a mask.

Mama June & Geno’s Plastic Surgery Binge

While June was in LA, she got a tummy tuck, liposuction, new teeth, and new hair! Geno got a gastric sleeve and new teeth as well. They went to Beverly Hills to get all of this stuff done and they look great. We did find out that they blew a lot of their money on drugs, but it seems that they are doing much better now.

So what happened with their flights and their masks? June posted on her Instagram story about flying and she showed a clip of her and Geno in their masks. She said, “As much as I hate wearing masks or getting kicked off flights. Goodbye LA. Hello Florida.” In her clip, she showed a lot of people not wearing their masks at the airport and said, “come on people.”

Mama June Masks Up – It’s Not Worth The Drama

Mama June Shannon explained on her video that people are boycotting the masks, but airlines will kick you off your flight if you do not wear it. She told her fans that it’s really not worth the drama. Geno Doak doesn’t post much on social media and the last thing we saw from him was about eating pork chops and trying to lose weight. Keep in mind, the couple has lost a ton of weight from the time they were on their bender.

From Not To Hot’s June still has a huge fan base and they are very supportive of her and Geno. One fan posted on her video, “We love and support you. Big fans in Michigan!” One more wrote, “We love and miss you! Are you doing your program for another year? I’m in Florida too. Praying for you lady!”

We are happy that June and Geno got some time away and hope that they continue with their rehab program and can keep it up.

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