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Counting On News: Michelle Duggar’s Courting Confession

michelle duggar, counting on family newsMichelle Duggar, from TLC’s Counting On, has always been a very loyal wife to her husband, Jim Bob Duggar. Having an entire crew of children and homeschooling all of them has been a lot of work for her and she started opening up more about her regrets in life and with her marriage to Jim Bob.

Counting On Cast: Michelle and Jim Bob’s Marriage

The Duggars are a huge family and Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have done a lot to raise all of these children. The couple married when they were both teenagers. Michelle was not raised as religious as she is now. She was a cheerleader and she has told fans that she used to rock a bikini, even when doing yard work. Crazy how things have changed! She knew she needed something else and that is when she found God.

Michelle ended up going to a Bible study with Jim Bob and they became close friends and then they started dating. They got married when Michelle was 17 and he was 19. The couple did not have strict dating rules like they have for their children. They even kissed before they got married!

Duggar Family News: Michelle And Jim Bob’s Courting Confession

The couple say that they have one regret about their marriage and that is not waiting until they were at their wedding to kiss. “We really regret that we didn’t. We really should have. It’s still special, but it’s probably not as special as it would have been.”

Jim Bob and Michelle don’t give their children a lot of privacy when it comes to courting. They do allow their children to give only side hugs to those they are interested in marrying. They will not kiss until the day of their wedding! Crazy right?

jim bob duggar, counting on family news

The Duggars do have a lot of rules to follow when it comes to hugs and kisses, but if they look at their parents, they can always bring it up that they did not wait until their wedding day. It has got to be tough to be a Duggar child on Counting On and have all of these expectations when it comes to courting.

You can keep up with the Duggars on their Instagram, and check back here for more Counting On news and Duggar Family updates.

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