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Gold Rush 2020: Season 11 Air Date, Spoilers, Cast Revealed – When Do New Episodes Start?

gold rush 2020 parker schnabel, season 11 discovery channelDiscovery Channel’s Gold Rush fans are excited to see the miners coming back on television! Season 11 will premiere on October 23, 2020 and the Discovery Channel has called the new Gold Rush episodes “the richest season yet.”

Gold Rush 2020 Trailers Show Drama and Riches

The trailers for the Gold Rush Season 11 look very exciting and fans are ready to see Parker Schnabel, Tony Beets, and Rick Ness on Discovery Channel again. This is the first time that any of them have been back to mining since the pandemic began. Tony Beets tells Gold Rush cameras, “Right now is the time to strike it rich.”

This season will show the miners taking all of the precautions needed in order to stay healthy amid the pandemic. The Gold Rush miners are really hoping that this 2020 is the year that they make it big and really strike it rich. Gold Rush spoilers show miners are heading up to the Yukon so that they can explore all of their options as to where they can find gold.

Tony Beets, Rick Ness, Parker Schnabel & More Return To Gold Rush Season 11

Gold Rush’s Beets is really hoping to make more money than ever this year. He thinks that the pandemic will really push the miners to work harder to make it big. Tony Beets also needs to identify where he hasn’t started mining on Paradise Hill.

Of course, Gold Rush’s Ness is ready to make it big this year because he had a huge loss this past year. He lost a lot of money and really needs to make it up as soon as he can. Fans are really pulling for him this season too.

gold rush 2020 tony beets

When Does Gold Rush Season 11 Start?

We will see Fred Lewis joining Season 11 as well. He is going to risk everything that he has to make it rich too. “This isn’t just about gold mining, it’s about coming together as brothers, living the American dream and pulling gold out of the ground.”

Fans of Gold Rush are very excited to see the new season and we will see a two-hour episode to get us started. The new season of Gold Rush airs on October 23 at 8 p.m. EST. You won’t want to miss a single second of this new season!

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