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OutDaughtered News: Danielle Busby’s Baby Fever

outdaughtered danielle busby newsDanielle Busby, from TLC’s OutDaughtered, has always been open about how much she loves to watch Vanderpump Rules. She was watching the show on Sunday and opened up about the gender reveal of Jax and Brittany’s new baby.

OutDaughtered News: Danielle Busby Reaches Out

OutDaughtered’s Danielle was excited to see that Jax and Brittany were having a boy. The couple was happy that it broke the “girl dad” streak on the show. The last baby that was welcomed on the show was the daughter of Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark. Danielle Busby wanted to reach out to the couple and give them some advice on raising children.

Being the mom of six girls, OutDaughtered’s Danielle does have some advice for the new parents. She kept it simple though. She posted, “Awwww!! A boy!! I always wanted one of those. Congrats to you two!”

Danielle has been pretty open about how she can no longer have kids. She had a surgery for her PCOS and it ended up being a hysterectomy. Fans of the show know that Danielle and Adam always wanted a boy, but it is not possible now. They could always adopt though. The couple also named their clothing line Graeson for the boy they never had.

Will Danielle & Adam Busby Adopt?

The Busbys have not ruled out adoption if they really do want to add a boy to their family. Who knows what will happen with them, but for now it seems that there are a lot of children in their home! Perhaps this is something that will happen further down the road.

Many of Danielle’s fans think that she has a touch of baby fever after seeing some of her favorite stars expecting. This does happen, but we all know that the Busbys have their hands full right now. We hope that maybe one day we will see a boy in the Busby home and this could add yet another season or spin-off series of OutDaughtered.

If you want to keep up with Danielle and the Busby girls, you can keep an eye on them on Adam and Danielle’s Instagram accounts. They also have a weekly YouTube update where you can see how the girls are doing at school and how the family is doing during the pandemic.

Check back here for more OutDaughtered updates and Busby Family News.

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