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Little People, Big World News: Amy Roloff Says Goodbye To Roloff Family Farm

amy roloff news, little people big world 2020 updatesNew episodes of Little People, Big World (LPBW) premiered this week and Roloff fans are already talking about the drama and intensity. As this season  of Little People Big World begins, we will see Amy Roloff moving off of the farm. She got candid with TLC cameras about how it felt to pack it all up and just leave.

Roloff News: Bittersweet Feelings for Amy On LPBW

If you had lived somewhere for 30 years and packed it all up, you would be a little upset too, right? It was tough for Amy Roloff to pack up all of her things and call it the end.

She made a lot of memories here and told the cameras, “I got engaged, I bought a house and I have two new grand children. Chris hasn’t moved into the house full-time, but we are working hard to make this house our own.  Life on the farm has definitely changed for me. I’m very excited to see where my life goes, but definitely leaving the farm after 30 years is not easy.”

Little People Big World’s Amy told cameras that she knew it was going to be weird waking up somewhere else. She was so used to being in the farmhouse that this change would take a little while for her to get used to.

Amy Roloff does see this all as a brand new adventure in her life though. Her fiance, Chris Marek, is excited to see what this new adventure is for the both of them. They will be planning a wedding and starting a new life together in their new home.


Little People Big World Spoilers 2020: Amy Roloff Says Goodbye

Matt Roloff talked about the new plans for the Roloff Family Farm, “Amy’s living on the north side in the big house, which we still own together. Since she bought a new house, she’s going to be moving out soon, so we’re going to need to figure out what we want to do with that side of the farm.”

Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, seems a little weird about moving into the home that Amy and Matt Roloff shared together, but she knows that things do need to change for everyone. That includes her.

Check back here for more Roloff news and LPBW updates.  Be sure to tune in next week to see what happens on Little People, Big World.  

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