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Little People, Big World: Did Matt Roloff Bully Amy Roloff In To Selling Farm?

matt roloff, little people big world updatesLittle People, Big World Season 21 just kicked off on TLC and we learned a lot more about the divorce of Amy and Matt Roloff. The new LPBW episode was mainly focused on Matt and Amy and what to do about the Roloff Farm.

Will Matt And Amy Roloff Sell Roloff Farms?

Little People Big World fans know the question of selling the farm has been on the Roloff’s minds for some time now. Of course, this LPBW episode was filmed long before we knew that Amy sold her part to Matt, but the issue was hashed out again on the show.

The idea of a big change like this for Amy Roloff was a bit scary, but in the new season, we will see a lot of changes for her and Matt. These changes include Amy moving off of the farm and into a home of her own.

Roloff Family News: LPBW’s Amy Is Moving On

In the trailers for the new season, Amy tells the cameras, “I got engaged, I bought a house, and I have two new grandchildren. Chris hasn’t moved into the house full-time, but we are working hard to make this house our own. Life on the farm has definitely changed for me. I’m very excited to see where my life goes, but definitely leaving the farm after 30 years is not easy… It will feel strange not to be waking up each morning at the farmhouse, but I’m excited for this new adventure…”

lpbw news, amy roloff little people big world

Matt and Amy Roloff talk about the selling of her portion of the farm on the new season and it seems like a very touchy subject for someone who has lived there for 30 years of her life.

Little People Big World Updates: Amy Roloff Intimidated By Matt

In a confessional on the first LPBW episode of this season, Amy said, “I feel a vulnerability and I do not feel strong or tough…or the confidence that I always thought I had dealing with Matt and I think that’s happened for so many years…He intimidates me and he can intimidate me very easily or I allow him to do that.”

Well, we do know that she sold her part of the farm to him, so we will see this hashed out in future episodes of Little People, Big World. Check back for more Little People Big World updates and Roloff Family news.

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