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Welcome to Plathville Season 2: Plath Family War – New Episodes Bring More Drama For Kim & Barry

kim plath, welcome to plathville season 2The new season of Welcome to Plathville is about to begin and Plath Family fans couldn’t be more excited about it! We will see it premiere in November, but fans are already stepping up and reacting to the spoilers and pictures that the Plaths have posted.

Welcome To Plathville: Fans React to Micah Plath’s Photos

If you have been following the Plaths, you have seen Micah Plath grow into his modeling career. We also found out that Ethan and Olivia Plath will be back even though they said they were done. The idea of a divorce will come up, but it seems as if Ethan and wife Olivia just need to cut ties with Kim and Barry Plath in order to make their marriage work.

Kim and Barry Plath both agreed that Olivia was “corrupting” the other children in the family and making them too open-minded about life outside the farm. Moriah and Micah have wanted to get off the farm for a while and we will finally see them branch out and move into a place of their own. Moriah Plath now works two jobs and Micah has started modeling and fans cannot get enough of his photos!

Recently, on his Instagram account, Welcome To Plathville’s Micah shared a poster of the season premiere of the show. The poster has Kim and Barry and the younger children on the left and the older children with Olivia on the right. One fan wrote, “Wow, the color setup of this photo speaks volumes! Almost seems Cullen-esque with the “black sheep” in the front.”


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Season two of welcome to Plathville coming November 10th! 🥂🤘🏻 #tlc #tlcproducts #tlcgo #realtytv

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Welcome To Plathville New Episodes: Plath Family Black Sheep

Another wrote, “F**K YES! Can’t wait to see how you’ve all progressed since season one. I have a soft spot in my heart for all you Plaths.” Another chimed in, “YAAAAASSSSSSS! I love this advertisement. It’s perfect for the dynamic.” And one last fan wrote, “Awesome! Been waiting too long. So happy to hear you are coming back on! Can’t wait!”

Most of Micah Plath’s fans made comments about how handsome he is and how they cannot wait to see him in his modeling job. There were some comments about his body as well, but when you scroll through those pictures of his, it’s hard to miss!

Be sure to tune into Welcome to Plathville on TLC in November.  Check back here for more Plath Family news and updates.

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