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Sweet Home Sextuplets Season 4: Waldrop Family’s Quarantine Struggles

sweet home sextuplets season 4, mom courtney waldropSweet Home Sextuplets season 4 will feature Courtney Waldrop’s struggles with the babies during quarantine. As the new Sweet Home Sextuplets episodes premiered, fans of the TLC show were able to get a sneak peek at the chaos that has been happening in the Waldrop family with their renovations on their home and having a full house of children in a very small trailer.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Season 4: Tornados, Renovations, Covid

The Waldrops have been through the ringer in 2020 and at first, the pandemic wasn’t even in their minds. The sextuplets’ parents Courtney and Eric Waldrop were thinking about the renovations on their home and living in a trailer with tornado season approaching. Alabama generally gets hit hard this time of year with tornadoes and the Waldrops encountered a few.

Sweet Home Sextuplets’ Courtney Waldrop opened up more about how she struggled a lot during the quarantine because it just felt like so much was happening, but no one could really go anywhere to get help or to find new beds for the toddlers. The Waldrop Sextuplets grew out of their cribs during this time and it was tough to get things settled when they needed help the most.

The Waldrop family talked about how they ended up spending a lot of time outside and doing a lot of fishing. The boys knew that they had to do something besides hanging out inside all day, everyday. Sweet Home Sextuplets Mom, Courtney told fans that the kids have learned to appreciate being outside more. Haven’t we all?

sweet home sextuplets kids season 4 episodes

Waldrop Family News: Courtney’s Parents Help With Babies During Quarantine

There were some battles though because everyone was stuck at home. Courtney’s parents come and help out a lot, but with everyone fearful of getting sick, no one was coming over to help. When the boys ended up going fishing a lot, that gave Courtney some space to help calm her down and keep up with the toddlers. It was really tough on her though.

We will get a chance to see more of what happened during the pandemic on this new season of Sweet Home Sextuplets, currently airing on TLC.

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