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Sweet Home Sextuplets Returns With New Waldrop Family Episodes

sweet home sextuplets mom courtney waldropThe new season of Sweet Home Sextuplets premiered on September 29 on TLC. Fans are excited to see the Waldrop family chaos, along with some happy times. This season of Sweet Home Sextuplets is bound to shock and surprise us, but from the trailers we have seen, there will be a lot of glitter!

Waldrop Family News: Home Renovations Continue

The Waldrops are still renovating their home, so they are all still in a small trailer while the house gets all finished. In the first spoilers that we have seen for the show, the sextuplets wanted to make reindeer food and used a lot of oats and glitter.

TLC wrote, “ADORABLE BABY ALERT: Sextuplets make “reindeer food” for Santa. Courtney and Eric have a surprise for the sextuplets! The most important ingredient: glitter.” Sweet Home Sextuplets’ Eric Waldrop tells the sextuplets that it will help the reindeer to fly.

Even though the Waldrop babies are not sure what they are doing, they mix up all of the ingredients and soon the bowls get all over the floor. Fans of Sweet Home Sextuplets replied to the spoiler.

sweet home sextuplets waldrop babies christmas

One wrote, “This gave me anxiety.” Another wrote, “That mess would have got me LIVID!” A final one wrote, “You two are my heroes! Do you know what oats/glitter all over the house would do to me! I’m not saying it’s right-I’m just saying I would be embarrassed of the anger level I would get to.”

New Sweet Home Sextuplets Episodes Air On TLC

Sextuplets mom Courtney Waldrop seems so patient with the babies and most people would have a tough time with all of this on the floor and all over their home. One fan wrote, “Fun! I did flour and baby oi. I just didn’t have food coloring. So much fun for my daughter who is 4. Put it all over her dolls.” Another chimed in, “Cleaning up oats and glitter for the next 2 months! Parenting rule #1: Messy crap outside!”

We are excited to see what is up next for the sextuplets and the Waldrop family on Sweet Home Sextuplets. Be sure to tune in to TLC for the season premiere on September 29 and check back here for more Waldrop Family news and updates.

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