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Sister Wives Spoilers: Mariah Brown Fights Back

sister wives mariah brown, girlfriend audreySister Wives spoilers say  Mariah Brown, who is the daughter of Meri and Kody Brown, is opening up about her beliefs. Mariah is the one child in the Brown family who has been seen as a very liberal-minded woman. Recently on her Instagram, Meri Brown’s daughter shared with her fans her thoughts on these stereotypes.

Sister Wives Updates 2020: Mariah Brown Addressed Critics

Sister Wives’ Mariah is not one to be quiet when the trolls start in on her on social media. This past weekend, she made it a point to talk about the trolls calling her a “snowflake.” In June, Mariah went to some of the riots and speeches for transgender rights.

Critics slammed the Sister Wives cast member for this. Some said that she just went to get more fame and one said, “You’re a joke! You clearly have no idea what you are align about and are being used as a pawn. I ask you to please educate yourself. You are not revolutionary.”

sister wives spoilers 2020 meri brown, daughter mariah brown

Most of Mariah’s Instagram posts are on her story and they fade away after a short time. She posted a picture recently of a black woman to pay homage to the Black Lives Matter movement. One fan wrote, “You don’t represent me as an African American woman. You fake sympathy for my community.” Another wrote, “Oh great. Now she’s a civil rights activist.”

Sister Wives News: Mariah Brown Gets Political

Mariah told her fans that she is not a “snowflake” and she wants “people who exist on this planet…to be able to continue living.” She wrote, “I’m not a snowflake that doesn’t want my feelings hurt. I’m a person who wants people who exist on this planet right now to be able to continue living, and maybe even try thriving. I don’t get up in arms about voting for Trump because I think it’s cute or I wanna look like a SJW or because I like yelling. I get up in arms because people are dying because of him. People will continue to die because of him. I’m upset because of death and human rights issues. I’m upset because my rights are taken away daily.”

Keep up with Mariah’s rants on her social media accounts.  Do you agree with her stance?  Share your thoughts in the comments below, check back for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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