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OutDaughtered: Adam Busby Shares Upsetting News

outdaughtered cast adam busby updateWhen will OutDaughtered return to TLC?  Busby Family fans were sad to see the pandemic cut the show short last season and are curious if there will be more episodes of the series. Adam Busby shared an update on social media, but it wasn’t the best news for OutDaughtered fans.

When To Expect New OutDaughtered Episodes

The update that Adam Busby gave fans wasn’t exactly what we hoped for. He wanted everyone to be in the loop, but it wasn’t the best of news. OutDaughtered fans want to see the Busby Quints, but it is hard to film anything with the pandemic still happening. The Busby’s are not sure when filming can get back to normal.

Adam Busby said that they are working on filming more episodes now, but as a close knit family situation. He has shared a few clips here and there on his social media accounts. Adam added they hope to be back for another season and it all depends on what happens next with the pandemic.

Adam Busby Shares Upsetting OutDaughtered News

One fan asked, “When is OutDaughtered coming back on tv again? Please let me know. I miss the show! I’m your number one fan!” Adam was happy to hear from a fan and wrote back, “We are giving the kids a little break as school was starting back up. We will be getting back in that mode again soon. Unfortunately, the timeline is too early to tell on new episodes just yet.  Stay tuned for some fun stuff coming your way on our YouTube channel though. Still have weekly videos on there.”

outdaughtered busby quints

At least we can still tune into the weekly YouTube videos of the Busby Family. After a long time at home in quarantine, it seems like the Busby girls are finally getting the social interaction at school that they needed. We also know that Adam and Danielle Busby enjoy not being their virtual teachers anymore.

If you want more of the Busby family, stay tuned to their YouTube channel for weekly updates and you can follow them on Instagram for adorable pictures and updates on the Busby quints.

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