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Little People, Big World News: Tori Roloff Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

little people big world news tori roloff pregnant rumorsTLC’s Little People, Big World cast members Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff have two adorable children. Now that Jackson and Lilah Ray Roloff are growing up right before our eyes, fans are curious if the LPBW couple will have another baby?

New Little People Big World Episodes Bring New Drama

As the new season of Little People Big World is now upon us, fans will see Tori Roloff discussing taking Lilah to the hospital. Baby Lilah Ray was diagnosed with dwarfism, but Tori is concerned about the pains in her body.

Being a tiny baby, Lilah has no way to express the pain that she is in, so Zach’s wife Tori has to use those motherly instincts and take care of her. The doctors will end up figuring out what is going on with her and we are happy that she is very healthy to date.

Roloff News: Tori Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

Some of Little People Big World cast member Tori’s fans wanted to know if she and Zach Roloff would expand their family anytime soon. When asked, she wrote, “One day. Fo sho. God willing.” Tori has been asked this many times before and her answer always seems to be the same. She does want more kids at some point in life. Now it seems like they have their hands full!

Earlier in the year, Tori Roloff told LPBW fans, “Originally I was like, ‘Two kids is my max. But I can definitely see us having more.”

lilah ray roloff, little people big world news 2020

Tori and Zach Roloff had Jackson in May of 2017 and Lilah in November of 2019. The children are adorable bundles of joy and they were both born with Achondroplasia. Lilah has met a lot of her milestones now that she is 10 months old.

Little People Big World Updates: Will Zach And Tori Have A Third Baby

The Roloffs love her and Jackson so very much. Tori and Zach talk about how great of a big brother Jackson is to Lilah and they would love to have more kids, but they will have to wait and see.

Fans of Little People, Big World are so excited to see this new season of the show and we are ready to see more of Jackson and Lilah Roloff. They have definitely been stealing the show on their mom’s Instagram account.

Check back with here for more Little People Big World spoilers and updates, plus Roloff Family news.

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