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Welcome to Plathville Season Two: Plath Family Returns In New 2020 Episodes

moriah plath, welcome to plathville tlc new episodesOn the first season of the TLC hit, Welcome to Plathville, we met the Plath family from South Georgia. The conservative parents, Kim and Barry Plath, have raised their children on a farm, homeschooled them, and kept them from television and social media.

The second season of Welcome To Plathville is coming up in November and it seems, from the spoilers, that there will be more drama this season!

Plath Family News: Kids Clash With Their Parents

The oldest of the Plath children, Ethan Plath, shared a lot of his marriage with Olivia Plath on the first season of Welcome To Plathville. Olivia is very open-minded and shared a lot with Ethan that his parents never would have let fly.

Olivia and Ethan Plath had alcohol in their home when they got married and the Plath parents tried to tell them they couldn’t do that. Well, they are married and have their own home, so yes, they can.

Olivia told Ethan Plath that his parents manipulated him and she has also called them narcissists. Olivia has also talked about how being on television has never been a thing for her, but she knows that Ethan wants to continue to do Welcome To Plathville episodes, so they will appear again on it. The rift is growing though and it looks like things have already started to get bad with Kim and Barry.

Welcome To Plathville New Episodes: Ethan & Olivia’s Marriage Woes

Ethan and Olivia’s relationship has been on the brink of divorce all because of his parents and their hold on him. Ethan decided that he couldn’t let his family push him apart from his wife. He has cut off all contact with his parents and the couple has been focused on doing more together and building their relationship.

ethan plath, welcome to plathville new episodes 2020

These two aren’t the only children that have trouble with Kim and Barry. Moriah and Micah Plath, the older teenagers in the family, have decided to move out on their own. We will see how well they are doing now that they are living in a rental home and working on their own.

Micah & Moriah Plath Update

Micah Plath is working on being a model and Moriah is working as a fitness instructor and a mechanic. She is working on her music career as well. Moriah’ Plaths boyfriend is ready to meet her parents, but how will this all work out?

Make sure that you tune into Welcome to Plathville on Tuesday, November 10 at 10 p.m. EST on TLC, and check back for more Plath Family news and updates.

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