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OutDaughtered News: Adam & Danielle Busby’s Paychecks – How Much Do They Get Paid Per Episode

How much do Adam & Danielle Busby get paid for OutDaughtered?

busby family, adam and danielle busby 2020, outdaughtered cast newsOn TLC’s OutDaughtered, we have met the Busby family, Adam and Danielle Busby, and their six daughters. Supporting a big family like this is tough, but it comes easy when you make a lot of money off one OutDaughtered episode. There have been some rumors that the Busbys make at least $40,000 per TLC episode. Is this true?

OutDaughtered News: How Much Do Adam & Danielle Busby Make?

Adam and Danielle Busby have their own small businesses, but this clearly can’t be enough for a family of eight, right? Is this why they signed up to do TLC OutDaughtered? It could be a possibility.

The producer of the TLC show, Terence Michael, recently told fans of the show that they could be earning around $40,000 per episode. He did say that there is about 10% of the total budget for the show that goes to the Bubsy family.

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Michael told fans that TLC spends about $250,000 to $400,000 on each episode of the show! That means that they at least get paid $25,000 per episode! Can you imagine making that much money? Think about it this way, if the Bubsy’s do six episodes of OutDaughtered, they make about $150,000 to $240,000 per season! If they do more than six episodes, which they have done 13 before, they could make up to $500,000 per season!

OutDaughtered: Adam & Danielle’s Side Hustles

Although that seems like a lot of money, we have to think about how much they need to feed and clothe the girls. Having a big family is a lot of money and a lot of expenses. Adam and Danielle have shown fans that they do work very hard to make ends meet and raise the girls.

The Busby Quints’ parents have multiple businesses and maintain their time on the show too. Danielle has a fitness clothing line called CADi Fitness and she runs a boutique called Graeson Bee.

OutDaughtered cast member Adam owns Adam Busby Media as well. They also have their own shop together called It’s A Buzz World and they sell t-shirts and clothing there. This couple works very hard to take care of their family!

You can keep up with the Busby’s on their social media accounts and on their YouTube channel.  Be sure to catch up on everything happening with OutDaughtered. Come back here often forOutDaughtered spoilers, news, and Busby Family updates.

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