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Sister Wives News: Robyn Brown Missing From Social Media – Kody Brown’s Wife Hiding

robyn brown updates, sister wives news 2020Sister Wives’ cast member Robyn Brown disappeared from all social media and her fans are beginning to worry. Why did Kody Brown’s wife take such a long break? Is she riding the Corona Coaster like the rest of us? Will Robyn Brown come back to social media or is this a permanent break?

Sister Wives News: Robyn Brown’s Social Media Break

The Sister Wives rumors were swirling about Robyn Brown’s break from social media. Most fans thought that she was leaving the Brown family, even though it has been clear that she is the favored wife by Kody Brown.

Robyn Brown did end last season of Sister Wives with a lot of drama and tears, so we could see how that would make sense. Some fans even think that Kody is the one to blame for the break from social media.

Sister Wives Updates: Kody Brown And Robyn’s Coyote Pass Feud

Last season on Sister Wives, we saw the wives arguing pretty much every episode about the new house at Coyote Pass. We have also seen Robyn Brown wanting everyone to live together and get along, but the other wives thought that was a horrible idea. Kody Brown really seemed to be on Robyn’s side during all of the arguments over the house on Coyote Pass.

sister wives news, robyn brown 2020 updates

Another theory that Sister Wives fans have is that Robyn and Kody Brown are shacked up together and he has chosen just to be married to her. Meri Brown was asked to get a divorce from Kody so that Robyn could be his married wife and that caused a stir as well.

From what we have seen on social media, Sister Wives cast member Meri Brown is doing her own thing now and it looks like third wife Christine Brown is over Kody’s actions as well.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Did Robyn Brown Leave Kody?

That brings us back to Kody Brown’s fourth wife Robyn. Where is she? Has she left the family? Will she come back to social media or is she trying to figure out what to do next in her life? There are so many unanswered questions that we have and it seems that if she doesn’t come back to social media, something surely has to be going on with her and the family.

We will continue to monitor the Sister Wives and see when and if Robyn does return.  Share your thoughts in the comments below.  Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and Robyn Brown updates.

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