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Welcome to Plathville News: Did Micah Plath Move to Florida?

micah plath, welcome to plathville new episodesThe new season of TLC’s Welcome to Plathville is on its way and fans are excited! One of the reasons that Plath Family fans are ready to see the new season is because of Micah Plath. In his recent Instagram photos, Micah Plath is showing off his body and his motivation to be a model. It is VERY motivating to fans, for sure!

Welcome To Plathville New Episodes: Where is Micah Plath Now?

Another thing that Welcome To Plathville fans noticed while browsing through his sexy photos is the location that he has put on these pictures. Micah is tagged in Miami, Florida and fans think that this means he has moved away from Cairo, Georgia.

It isn’t too far away, but could this mean that at the end of this second season, Micah will be done with Welcome to Plathville?

As fans looked at these photos, many of them made some positive and hilarious comments on his shirtless pictures. One fan wrote, “You look like James Dean! What a beautiful man.” Another wrote, “Bruh, how didn’t you know you would end up being a model? It was so clear!” One more chimed in, “He looks like an angel straight from heaven.”

The comments just kept going too. Some asked him about season two of Welcome To Plathville, which under his NDA, he cannot answer. Another posted, “Well, you are easy on the eyes and the camera. I love you. You have a very peaceful beauty that came from within and shows in your eyes. It is captivating.”

Where Is Micah Plath Now?

Funny enough, the comments to Micah Plath’s Instagram read, “I don’t think anyone is really looking at his eyes in this picture. Just being honest.”

So if Micah Plath has not moved to Miami, we think that his photo shoots could take place there, but would they do photo shoots during COVID? There seem to be a lot of unanswered questions about his location, but one thing is for sure, Welcome To Plathville fans love his look and his shirtless photos.

If you are ready to see the Plaths again, be sure that you continue to follow them on social media and tune into TLC for the season two premiere of Welcome to Plathville. Expect it in October.

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