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Sister Wives News: Maddie Brown Raises Eyebrows With Scary Photo Of Son Axel

sister wives news maddie brown kids, axel brushSister Wives news says Maddie Brown Brush is helping her son Axel Brush learn things the hard way. Kody and Janelle Brown’s daughter shared a photo on her Instagram account and some fans were shocked. In her post, she lets her fans know that she wants Axel to learn from his mistakes.

Sister Wives News: Janelle Brown’s Grandson Axel’s New School

Maddie Brown’s son Axel just started Pre-K and really loves it. Maddie posted a photo of him on the first day and it read, “First day of Pre-K 3’s for Mr. Axel. My heart cannot handle how fast he is growing.” On Sunday, she posted a picture of them at the park and he was on the monkey bars. He was super high up and many fans were anxious about this.

In the picture, Maddie wrote, “One time, I gave birth to an adrenaline junkie! I thought maybe he outgrew it…until the parks reopened. I try to let him learn for himself. Constantly reminding myself of all the crazy things I did when I was a kid that my parents let me learn firsthand. Alas, I am learning that it is a learned skill to let your kids learn for themselves. So here is Axel loving life in the sunshine and being outdoors again! P.S. He did try to jump off after, I made him climb down a couple feet.”

Sister Wives News: Maddie Brown’s Parenting Style Inspired By Kody & Janelle

Sister Wives’ Maddie has often talked about how she is not a helicopter parent and is glad that her parents weren’t either. She wants Axel to do things for himself and if he gets hurt in the process, he has learned a lesson. Her fans commented on the photo and some comments were very sweet, but there were some rude ones as well.

One fan wrote, “Learning to be a mom who lets their kids learn all of the things on their own is hard!” Another wrote, “Little daredevil. Wrap him in bubble wrap to give him some cushion during those future falls and crashes.”

One more chimed in, “It’s so hard not to hover over them. Might even be the hardest part of parenting. We learn as we go just like they do.”

We are so happy that Maddie is teaching him these lessons. See more photos of Axel on her Instagram.  Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and Maddie Brown updates.

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