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Alaskan Bush People News: Bear Brown Finally Meets Son River

bear brown, alaskan bush people cast newsOn Alaskan Bush People, we have met the Brown family and experienced their lives in the middle of nowhere. Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown has been posting a lot on social media about the devastating fire that has taken a lot of their land and he recently shared some good news. Bear Brown is finally going to meet his child, River.

Alaskan Bush People News: Bear’s Excitement about His Son River

Raiven Adams, Bear’s ex-girlfriend sent him a photo of her with River. Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown shared it on Instagram, he wrote, “Hey everybody. I have some awesome news! Raiven is bringing little River up for a visit! It’ll be the first time I’ve gotten to see him in person, but we have been talking a lot over the phone! It’s gonna be so cool to be able to hold him!”

There has been a lot of drama between Alaskan Bush People cast members Bear Brown and Raiven Adams, and they have been pretty open about it on social media.

raiven adams and bear brown baby, alaskan bush people updates

Bear recently posted on Instagram, “I have something to say! Everything that Raiven has told the news tabloids and has insinuated about me, is a mean abusive lie and I will no longer stand by and say nothing! Soon I will be making a post about the truth of what happened between us! Since Raiven has not stopped lying about me, people deserve to know the truth!”

Alaskan Bush People Cast News: Raiven Adams Abuse Allegations

Raiven Adams decided to take legal action against Alaskan Bush People’s Bear and filed a protection order from him. She wrote, “Shortly after dating Solomon, I realized his behavior was abusive…While dating I would bring up his erratic behavior.”

Alaskan Bush People’s Raiven Adams also pointed out that he was abusing drugs and he would “threaten to kick me out.” When they broke up, Raiven posted, “Quickly after deciding friendship was best for us, we found out that we had a little surprise coming our way!”

raiven adams alaskan bush people cast discovery channel

We are very excited that Bear will get to see River and we hope that he will post some photos of them together. We hope that he and Raiven Adams can maintain a positive friendship so that little River can get the love of both of his parents.

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