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Little People, Big World News: Tori Roloff Shares Baby Lilah Ray Update

little people big world baby lilah ray roloff, tori and zachs daughter updatesIf you’ve followed Little People Big World’s Tori Roloff’s news about Lilah Ray’s health, you are probably up to date with how she is doing. LPBW cast member Tori gave more of an update this week on Instagram and we are so happy to see that she is doing well. Even though Zach and Tori Roloff’s daughter is just a baby, she has quite a following so far.

Little People Big World News: Lilah Ray Roloff Ten Month Old Update

Baby Lilah Ray is now 10 months old and Zach and Tori Roloff are updating Little People Big World fans on how she is doing. In the first photo she posted, LPBW’s Tori wrote, “We’re officially 2 months away from a year! I am all about dressing this girl in all things fall!!”

Little People Big World’s Tori’s fans were so quick to tell her how adorable Lilah Ray Roloff is and how excited they are for her to be ten months old.

Roloff News: Tori’s Sweet Baby Lilah Photos

Tori posted another adorable photo of Lilah and wrote, “She loves clapping! She CAN sit up but she won’t. She loves eggs! Lilah went to Colorado for the first time. Girlsie will no longer sit still for photo shoots, but she loves the camera. She is obsessed with mama. She will also talk your ear off! We love you Lilah girl! Now just stop stressing mom out so much and we’ll be solid.”

In the spoilers for the new season, we saw Amy Roloff comforting Tori when she gets very upset about Lilah’s health. In the scene, we see them discussing going to the emergency room because Tori was afraid that she was in a lot of pain.

Little People Big World New Episodes: Tori Discusses Lilah Roloff’s Health Concerns

This is when Tori Roloff first suspected that she has hydrocephalus, but we found out that it could be something else. In this new season, we will also see more of cute Jackson Roloff and how he is taking on the role of big brother.

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We are so happy that LPBW’s Lilah Roloff is doing well and growing so quickly. It seems that things are getting better with her health and we will get a much better idea of what is going on when the show premieres on September 29 on TLC. We can’t wait to see more of these two cuties!

Come back here often for Little People, Big World (LPBW) spoilers, Roloff news, and more Tori Roloff and baby Lilah updates.

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