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The Little Couple News: Jen Arnold Slammed Over COVID Drama

the little couple cast jen arnoldTLC The Little Couple’s Dr. Jen Arnold fell victim to some rude followers who accused her of child abuse! The Little Couple cast member has gotten a lot of hate before, but now the trolls are giving her problems about mask wearing.

Why Are The Little Couple Fans So Critical?

When the pandemic began, The Little Couple’s Jen Arnold made sure to tell her fans to stay healthy and be safe with the pandemic upon us all. This really got the trolls worked up and they began to attack her. Keep in mind, she is a pediatrician and she has been promoting social distancing.

On September 13, she posted a picture of her daughter, Zoey. In the photo, she is wearing a very bright mask and most of her followers think she looked adorable in it. There were some that thought otherwise. One wrote, “Masks aren’t good for kids.” That is when a big argument began and Jen was then accused of child abuse.

Another fan wrote, “How is a piece of fabric not good for a kid? You know what’s not good for kids? Covid and MIS-C. Also, her mom is a physician so I’m sure she knows what is best for her own children.” Another replied, “Her mom is a doctor, I think she knows what she’s doing.” The same follower then replied, “The CDC says masks don’t work.” That was followed by, “Your opinion was not sought; nor is it valued. Peddle this misinformation elsewhere, please & thank you.”

The Little Couple News: Jen Arnold’s Mask Controversy

The troll proceeded to tell everyone following the thread that she is a doctor and that masks don’t work and that everyone should stop wearing them. Then one more wrote, “It’s child abuse. Period.”

That was followed by, “how on earth could it possibly be child abuse? Educate yourself please it is 100% not abuse.” One more wrote, “Yeah, that’s the thing I am educated! The masks are only to shut people up and indoctrinate adults and especially children! Masks don’t protect against ANY VIRIAL OR BACTERIAL INFECTION! Besides we’ve all been lied to about this entire Covid thing is a SCAMDEMIC NOT A PANDEMIC!!!!!! GET WOKE!!!!!”

This went on for quite some time, but Jen didn’t seem to let it bother her one bit. You can follow her on Instagram and see just how far the argument went.  Check back with TSV for more Little Couple updates.

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