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Little People, Big World News: Amy Roloff Walks Away – Sells Rest Of Roloff Farm?

little people big world cast amy roloff news 2020In new Little People, Big World episodes, we will see Amy Roloff moving everything out once and for all. LPBW’s Amy sold a large portion of the Roloff farm to her family and this seemed to close the feud between her and her ex-husband, Matt Roloff.

Little People Big World cast members Matt and Amy have been fighting a lot since they got a divorce, but now she is done with it all. In fact, it appears Amy Roloff is selling even more of her farm to Matt.

Roloff Family News: Did Amy Sell It All?

On August 13, an Oregon court reported that Amy Roloff did indeed sell 32.28 acres to Matt. The price was $975,000! Records also show that Matt Roloff got a loan for $825,000 to help pay for this. Amy is still listed as the secretary of the farm, funny enough.

Some Little People Big World fans think that this means that she still helps out at the farm and is still considered a big part of it, or they may have just not updated employment records in a while.

Little People Big World 2020 Updates: Matt & Amy Roloff Divorce Gets Nasty

matt roloff, amy roloff divorce - little people big world new episodes 2020

Amy Roloff has often accused Matt of pushing her off the farm and we will see that in the new season of Little People, Big World. There will be a lot of tension between Matt and Amy. In one Little People Big World spoiler he asks her, “It’s not my business, but should you be like nesting your new home for Chris and focused on that? Are you not happy with it?”

LPBW cast member Amy tells him, “What are you talking about? The only reason you feel like that is so I don’t have to be on the property anymore whatsoever, unless absolutely necessary.”

Roloff Family News: Amy’s Emotional Move On Little People Big World

In the same spoiler video, we see Matt Roloff tell cameras, “She has trouble just letting go in general and that’s something she has to work through on her own time.” Then Amy tells cameras, “This is it. The house is being emptied. I’m kind of sad how 30 years could just be put in a box. Poof, I’m out. My story is gone. It’s walked out the door. Time for someone else.”

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The Roloff Farm will open back up on October 2 and Little People Big World’s Matt has been trying everything he can to work on how to get tourists to come see them. He knows that there are many restrictions due to COVID and he is doing all he can to get the farm back up and running again.

Come back here often for Little People, Big World spoilers, Roloff news, and more Matt and Amy Roloff updates.


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