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Sister Wives News: Mariah Brown’s Girlfriend Audrey Fights Back

sister wives mariah and audreySister Wives cast member, Meri Brown, is very accepting of her daughter Mariah Brown.  As her only child, Meri supports Mariah in everything she does and when she came out as a lesbian in 2017, she stood by her. The Brown family as a whole has been very supportive of Mariah and her fiance. It seems that some of her family’s fans are not so supportive.

Sister Wives News: Meri Brown’s Tribute To Mariah

In a recent photo that Meri Brown posted of Mariah on Instagram, she wrote, “This kid of mine. Perfect and amazing and beautiful in every way. Her heart is huge. Her passion is fierce. Her love is real. She makes me smile on the daily! So honored and proud and blessed and lucky to be her mom!!!”

Most of Sister Wives’ Meri’s fans were so positive and loving about the post. Some wrote, “Where do you think she got all that from? Good job raising her!” Another wrote, “No wonder she has all of the above. You’re her mom. She has your blood. You are all of the above. Thanks for being true, real and show the world who you are and not what a show wants to portray.”

There was one follower who wasn’t so nice though. This follower wrote, “Mariah is willfully choosing to live in the rebellion of the Holy Spirit. This will lead her to eternal damnation.”

sister wives meri brown daughter mariah brown

Sister Wives News: Mariah Brown’s Girlfriend Audrey Fights Back Against Troll

Audrey, Mariah’s fiance, snapped back in the comments “we can’t wait to burn in hell with all the other gays!” There were many other Sister Wives fans who showed their support to Mariah and Meri and slam the homophobic follower.

For the most part, Sister Wives’ Meri’s followers are very supportive of Mariah Brown and Audrey. It takes one troll to get the pot going and this seems to be their motive on most celebrity Instagram accounts.

We are happy that Meri and Mariah have finally gotten back on track with their relationship, because it was a little bumpy when Mariah came out at first. Now, it all seems great and the two of them have been very supportive of each other.

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