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OutDaughtered News: Danielle Busby Ships All The Kids Off To School

outdaughtered danielle busby castDanielle Busby from TLC’s OutDaughtered, is now saying goodbye to being a virtual teacher.  When the Coronavirus first hit the states, many parents were concerned about what they would do with their children when it was time to go back to school, the Busby Family has made it clear where they stand on that topic.

OutDaughtered News: No More Teaching For Danielle Busby

OurDaughtered’s Danielle Busby recently posted on Instagram to tell her fans how excited she was about no longer being a teacher for the quints. Danielle hasn’t really gone anywhere out of her house for a few weeks and she was quick to let her fans know that she was ready to go on an adventure! This adventure was to leave the house and to take the girls to school!

It seemed like Danielle Busby was nervous about the girls going back to school, but she was also very relieved to get some time to herself once again. The Busbys have explained to fans why they think it is important for the girls to go back to school. They didn’t feel like they could keep up with educating all six girls the way that their teachers do.

OutDaughtered cast members Adam Busby and wife Danielle told fans that virtual learning doesn’t seem to help their girls learn anything and the couple struggles with teaching them.

Adam Busby was also happy to get some alone time at home and be able to get more work done in this time. He also wants to start spending more quality time with Danielle Busby now that the girls are at school.

OutDaughtered Updates: Adam & Danielle Busby Explain

There were some OutDaughtered fans that were concerned why they didn’t send Blayke Busby to her school, but they sent the girls to school. Blayke’s school wasn’t quite ready for students in the building the first few weeks of fall semester and that is why she had to do the virtual learning for a few weeks. The quints’ school was ready to and prepared, so that is why they went to school first.

We hope that Adam and Danielle Busby can really begin to enjoy this time together and take a deep breath that they don’t have to teach the girls again. The quints seem to be very excited about going back to school too!

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