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Little People, Big World News: Audrey Roloff & Jeremy Are In Hot Water

little people big world audrey roloff and jeremy roloffLittle People Big World’s Audrey Roloff seems to know just when to be insensitive. During a crisis in Oregon, where she and her family reside, she decided that promoting her essential oils would be the best way to handle the crisis. Believe it or not, some of Audrey Roloff’s fans were not happy to see that this was what the Little People Big World’s star was doing in such a scary time.

Little People Big World News: Is Audrey Roloff Insensitive?

Fans of Little People, Big World were shocked to see that Audrey Roloff was choosing a new way to deal with the wildfire crisis. These wildfires have now burnt over a million acres in Oregon, California, and other Western states. For most people in these states, the air is not breathable and fans think Jeremy Roloff’s wife Audrey was incredibly insensitive for posting about essential oils.

On an Instagram story, she posted about More Than Oils. The post read “6 oils to have on hand if your house smells like smoke from these wildfires.” Fans of hers thought it was very insensitive of her because there are over 40,000 people who have been evacuated due to the dangerous fires.

Roloff Family News: Audrey Slammed For Wildfire Posts

Audrey Roloff’s fans were quick to reply to her post. One wrote, “Unreal. Can you get any more un-Christian than trying to make money off of scared people in a devastating crisis. She should be ashamed of herself.”

Another LPBW fan chimed in, “Over 10% of the population of Oregon has had to evacuate since Monday. This is beyond insensitive. This is the largest loss of life and property in Oregon history. There are 1 million acres burned.”

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The comments kept coming too. “For someone who loves to tell others what to do, she seriously has no moral compass. The world is on fire, the skies are red, people are dying. Yet, Auj still here grifting and scamming. She is a vulture.” Audrey isn’t the only Roloff getting slammed online though.

Little People Big World Updates: Jeremy Roloff In Hot Water Too

Jeremy Roloff, Audrey’s husband is getting slammed because of the things he has said about the fire too. Even though there has been a lot of scientific evidence about the fires, Jeremy is doubting climate change and the scientists that have done all the research. He has said that it’s all a conspiracy.

Amy and Matt Roloff’s son posted, “I think it’s super dangerous to write off dozens of eye witness accounts, including some first responders as ‘conspiracy theory’ because a whole ‘several’ have been investigated and to be false.”

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It seems that these two Roloffs have really started to irk fans. Perhaps they should just take the time to try and help people as opposed to pointing fingers and trying to make money during such a scary time.

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