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The Family Chantel News: Winter Everett’s Shocking Weight Loss

the family chantel 90 day fiance winter everettThe Family Chantel cast member Winter Everett has lost an incredible amount of weight this year. In addition to losing 50 pounds, the sister of 90 Day Fiance’s Chantel is continuing her journey of improved health. It’s not just physical, though.

The Family Chantel’s Winter is also focusing on a positive mindset and overcoming phobias. Find out everything she is doing to make such a stunning transformation, inside and out.

The Family Chantel News: Winter Loses 50 Pounds

Winter Everett began her health journey earlier this year. She began going to the gym and the fitness activities helped her shed a lot of weight. Until recently, the Family Chantel cast member didn’t share how much weight she had dropped. But it was easy to see in pictures on social media the stunned transformation. She looks totally different!

The Family Chantel: Overcoming Stair Phobia

As fans may know, Winter had a phobia that would interfere with her life. Like many people, she struggled with her fear and really wanted to be strong enough to find a way to overcome it. But that is easier said than done. Well, Winter Everett succeeded! She has overcome her fear of the stairs. In fact, spending so much time at the gym helped with this, as Winter often uses the stair climber machine.

Winter Everett Making Health a Priority

The Family Chantel star recently opened up about her health transformation. She shared a photo of when she was at her heaviest. At that time, she weighed 330 pounds. The reality star explained that she was going through several “unfortunate situations” at the time. So, her health was not a priority and she wasn’t sure how to make positive changes in that regard.

Earlier this year, the TLC star made a decision that would change her life. By changing her mindset, she was able to accomplish so many of her goals!

Winter Everett Updates: Different Mindset Changes Lives

The Family Chantel cast member explained that all of her positive changes happened when she used a different mindset. She started focusing on who she is and that simple change in thinking helped her lose 50 pounds.

Winter admits it was a difficult journey, but she’s proud of her success. She also mentioned that it only “goes down from here,” implying that she plans on losing more weight.

family chantel winter everett weight loss

Weight Loss Not Only Transformation For Winter Everett

Winter isn’t just focusing on her weight loss when it comes to her health journey. For her, the transformation goes beyond physical. Simply by changing her mindset, she has proven to herself that she is capable of amazing things. In addition to practicing self-care, focusing on who she is and losing weight, she also made another big change. Winter got braces so she can feel better about her smile.

On Winter Everett’s Instagram account, it is easy to see the transformation in her face. She looks confident and joyful. She simply glows from the inside out and we want to send a big congratulations to her!

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Winter Everett right now. Come back here often for Family Chantel spoilers, news and updates.

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