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OutDaughtered News: Hazel Busby Is Team Daddy!

outdaughtered hazel busbyOutDaughtered spoilers show that little Hazel Busby had a busy and fun weekend and there was no mistaking where her loyalties lay!

If you are a fan of the hit reality show OutDaughtered, than you know that parents Adam and Danielle Busby like to strategize when it is errand time, which is almost always with their big family! Adam and Danielle Busby have acknowledged that while it’s fantastic that the quints are so close, breaking up the quints is a great way for them to develop as individuals.

To this end, they mean that it is important for the Busby girls to develop relationships outside of their family by interacting with a variety of individuals. As a result, their parents sometimes break them up for one-on-one activities whenever they can.

Busby Family News: Adam And Danielle Divide And Conquer

This weekend Adam Busby took four of the quints and a cousin with him when he got shaved ice. At the same time Danielle took Blayke and Olivia for some much-needed back-to-school shopping as Blayke was ready to end online schooling.

outdaughtered cast - busby family news

Amusingly, for Hazel Busby and some of her sisters, the outing turned out to be a little competitive since she got to go for flavored shaved ice while Olivia and Blayke went back-to-school shopping with mom.

OutDaughtered Updates 2020: Hazel Busby’s Competitive Spirit

In the spirit of things, Hazel Busby cutely announced that she was on team daddy and the others were on team mommy. She also said that she was glad to be team daddy because it was the better team.

OutDaughtered’s Adam Busby reminded her that the others were also having fun and he obviously didn’t want Hazel to make Blayke or Olivia feel wrong for being on team mom.

Like any good dad, he tried to even things out and balance the load by reminding everyone of what is fair. Still, it was clear that he was tickled that everyone wanted to be on team dad and he made it a point to state that mom would get her team treats as well.


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And just like that. All 6 kids are off to school 5 days a week… now to just get organized with all this new found time!

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OutDaughtered: Adam Busby’s Adorable Video

In the end, OutDaughtered’s Hazel was a happy camper simply by having her place on team daddy that particular day. Really, there was no harm in her thinking that her team was the best, was there? It was all in good fun!

And the reality is that her team did have a great time, which is all the Busby kids wanted anyway, regardless of which parent they happened to be with.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with OutDaughtered. Come back here often for OutDaughtered spoilers, news, and updates.

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