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Counting On News: Pregnant Kendra Duggar’s Weight Loss Puzzles Fans

duggar family news kendra caldwell weight loss
Counting On cast member Joseph Duggar’s wife, Kendra Caldwell was very happy to announce that the couple was having another baby in February of 2021. The Duggar couple already has a boy and a girl and are very happy about a new addition.

Counting On fans have been concerned about her absence on social media, but it seems that she is doing all right and she has been chatting with Michelle Duggar.

Counting On News: Michelle Duggar Answers Fans’ Burning Questions

Fans of Counting On have been reaching out to the matriarch of the family, Michelle Duggar, to ask her about Kendra and Joseph. She has told fans that they are doing fine, but she didn’t mention the new baby coming.

Fans thought that this was incredibly odd and have brought up the fact that Kendra is only 22 years old and is about to have three kids all under the age of five! Will she be the next Michelle Duggar?

Kendra has shown up in a lot of pictures on social media though. In these pictures, she looks very thin so fans aren’t quite sure if she is pregnant or what is going on. There have been rumors that the weight loss could also have to do with morning sickness and not being able to hold down food due to a tough pregnancy. In the first trimester of a pregnancy, many women experience horrible cases of morning sickness that can lead to massive weight loss.

Duggar Family News: Kendra Caldwell Pregnant Again

The rumors about a miscarriage started swirling along with the episode of Counting On that showed Jinger Duggar suffering from a miscarriage. It seems that the Duggar women have tough pregnancies and Kendra could be just experiencing one. If the morning sickness is so bad, weight loss will happen and hopefully, it will pass quickly.

counting on news kendra duggar pregnant

When we look at Kendra and Joseph’s Instagram accounts, it seems that they are still happy and expecting the new baby.

During this time, we only wish the Duggar couple good health for the baby and for the entire family. You can keep up with them on their social media accounts and for any updates on the new baby.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the Duggars right now. Come back here often for Counting On spoilers, news and updates.

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