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OutDaughtered News: Adam Busby’s Sweet Tribute To Wife Danielle

outdaughtered adam and danielle busbyAdam and Danielle Busby make us smile with their quints on OutDaughtered on TLC. The couple has dedicated a lot of their time recently to get donations for the survivors of Hurricane Laura in Lake Charles. Outdaughtered’s Adam Busby took to Instagram a few days ago to tell his followers how lucky he is to have wife Danielle.

OutDaughtered News: Adam Busby Takes to Instagram

Fans love that Adam Busby is always so appreciative of his wife, Danielle. He posted that he was so “lucky” to have her as his wife and made sure to show it off on his social media accounts. He told all his fans the love that he has for her and even strolled back in time a little before they had the girls.

OutDaughtered’s Adam and Danielle Busby met in 2003 and they were both working at Target in Lake Charles. This is where they fell in love. She told fans that his first words to her were, “Hey beautiful.” Danielle didn’t want to start a relationship right away, so she pushed Adam away a bit. Then she decided to go out with him and they went on a dinner date.


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Yeah, I’m lucky, I know it’s true But I feel the luckiest to be loved by you. 🎶- @joshabbottband

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OutDaughtered Cast: Adam & Danielle Busby’s Love Story

The date ended up being really awkward, but still Danielle Busby gave him another chance. We are so glad they worked out and that they got married. The couple had Blayke in 2011 and they always knew that they wanted more children, but Adam Busby didn’t know how much their love would grow after having the quints.

Adam’s post got so many great comments and replies and fans clearly love their story. Most of Adam’s followers told him that they are one of the best couples on television right now and there were so many heart emojis on the post for the couple.

It is so sweet that Adam and Danielle Busby have opened up about their love story and we are very happy that they share their family life with us and TLC. We look forward to seeing them, Blayke, and the quints on OutDaughtered. You can keep up with them on Instagram until then.


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