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Sister Wives News: Christine Brown’s Dark Family History – Cults & Murder!

sister wives christine brown news 2020Sister Wives news says Christine Brown has a few skeletons in her closet. Some crazy new information has just leaked about Kody Brown’s third wife Christine’s paternal grandfather, Rulon Allred and it is nuts!

Sister Wives News: A Cult Leader and Murderer?

A woman has come out with some information concerning Christine’s family tree. The woman in question is named Anna LeBaron. She told the Sun that her father, Evril LeBaron, is the one who ordered the murder of Rulon Allred, Christine’s grandfather!

To make it even more confusing, Sister Wives’ Christine’s maternal grandfather, Floren LeBaron, is actually Anna’s father’s brother. This would make them first cousins removed by one generation. Are you following? This actually means that Christine Brown’s great uncle is the one who killed her grandfather!

Evril was a lot of things in his day, including a leader of a mormon, fundamentalist group. This group called him a prophet and it was quite culty. Anna told the Sun, “My father had 13 wives and had 51 children. Because of my father and the way he practiced, he took a doctrine and became fanatical with it. He would have people killed who would try to leave his cult. They dubbed him the “Mormon Manson”. He ordered hits on his followers and his followers would carry them out. Some were carried out on his wives. If you tried to leave, you would be blood atoned.”

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Sister Wives news reveals Anna continued, “My father believed he was the one mighty and strong. Because he was the ‘true prophet’, everybody else claiming they were the mighty and the strong were false prophets and worthy of penalty.”

Sister Wives Updates: Will Christine Brown Meet With Her Long Lost Relative

Evril was linked to at least 25 killings and got a life sentence for the murder of Rulon. Anna did explain that she would like to meet Christine Brown and share more of this with her, but Christine has yet to reach out to her to meet.

Anna has also written a book about how she got out of the world of polygamy and says to others who are part of it, “Seek healing, counseling therapy, grow and heal from those things. Create a life for yourself that you’re proud of.”

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