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Gold Rush Season 11 Premiere Date Announced – New Episodes Coming Fall 2020!

gold rush tony beetsSeason 11 of Gold Rush’s official premiere date has been announced! That’s right! Gold Rush’s Tony Beets took to social media to explain to fans when Season 11 will premiere and what to expect.

Gold Rush New Episodes – Season 11 Premiere Date

Tony Beets explained to fans that the new season would begin on October 16, 2020. Beets posted, “Gold Rush starts October 16th in the US!” With his comment, he posted a link to an article called, “Comments made in the year 1957.” In this article, we found people complaining about a haircut that was fifty cents and a stamp that was ten cents.

The gold miners on Gold Rush did make it to the Yukon in the midst of the coronavirus. The Gold Rush cast had to follow very strict rules and regulations for filming and mining during the coronavirus too. Beet and his family have a home in the Yukon and they were able to get settled in and ready to film and mine for gold.

One of the stars of Gold Rush, Parker Schnabel, did go to Canada during the pandemic, but he did have to quarantine for 14 days to be sure that he did not pick up the virus on his travels.

Gold Rush Cast News – Rick Ness Arrives In The Yukon

Gold Rush’s Rick Ness and his team also made it to the Yukon. In July, he posted, “Happy 4th everyone! For those wondering, I am in the Yukon, sluicing away. We had a bit of a late start but had the plant running 8 days after we arrived. This season will hold redemption and lots of gold. Also Rubi is trying to learn how to fly with her huge ears.”

It turns out that Gold Rush’s Rubi has had some serious issues lately though. Rick posted, “Yesterday night was an absolute nightmare. For over 4 hours my precious little Rubi disappeared into the Yukon Wilderness. For 4 hours my crew and I scrambled through the woods shouting her name. I was convinced immediately that she was grabbed by a predator. She has never even run away in her life. We are surrounded by wolves, lynx, bears, wolverines, you name it and any of them could make a quick meal of my little 16 pound wiener dog…Unbelievably, we found her over 5 kilometers away from camp. How she survived 4 hours on her own surrounded by predators, I’ll never know, but man, I am grateful.”

We are very excited about the premiere on season 11 and can’t wait to see what happens this season on Gold Rush.

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