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7 Little Johnstons News: Amber Johnston’s Weight Loss

7 little johnstons news, amber weight lossTLC’s 7 LIttle Johnstons, Amber Johnston took to Instagram to show her fans her weight loss success.  Amber Johnston talked to fans about how her recent surgery made it extremely hard to lose weight and with Covid-19 keeping us home, that didn’t help either. Her fans were very excited to see the transformation and gave her a lot of great feedback!

7 Little Johnston’s News: Amber Johnston’s Weight Loss Journey

7 Little Johnston’s Amber Johnston posted two pictures of herself side to side on Instagram. She wanted fans to see just how much weight she had lost and how proud she was of herself.

One of the first things that Amber Johnston wanted fans to know was that she was not trying to promote a product or diet, she just wanted to share with her fans what she did to lose the added pounds.

In her post, 7 Little Johnston’s Amber talks about how she really never has struggled with her weight, but the back injury set it all in motion. She was on steroids for it and that is when she started gaining weight.

amber johnston, 7 little johnstons cast

Amber Johnston decided to have spinal surgery and that caused her to gain even more weight. She explained, “The surgery left me in a state and I felt I had to be nursed back. The weight continued to find its way to stick to my butt, hips, and honestly, everywhere.”

7 Little Johnstons Cast News: Amber Opens Up About Weight Gain

7 Little Johnston cast member Amber didn’t realize just how out of shape she was until the family went for a hike. “I struggled during the hike, which was totally not me!” She decided to change her lifestyle and she ended up losing 25 pounds in two months! She actually joined a weight loss program called Optavia and she is praising it! She wants her fans to know that she is not getting paid to sell the diet and that she only was sharing with her fans that it does work!

We are so happy that Amber is feeling better about her health and her weight and we can’t wait to see how she does at her new teaching job. Keep an eye on her Instagram to learn more about her diet and a new season of the show.  Check back with TSV for more 7 Little Johnston news and updates.

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