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Counting On News: Who Is Jana Duggar Dating?

counting on cast jana duggar newsMost of the Counting On Duggar children are either courting or married with children. There is one that has been single for a while now and it’s Jana Duggar. There has been a lot of speculation that she has been dating her best friend, Laura DeMasie.

Some Counting On fans think Jana Duggar and Laura DeMasie have been together for years, while others think that they are just close friends because the Duggars would never approve of a homosexual relationship. What is really going on with these two?

Counting On News: A Duggar Family Source Speaks Up

There have been all sorts of rumors about Laura and Jana Duggar and a family friend is finally speaking out about it. The alleged friend told tabloids, “Jana is in love with Laura.” The Duggar family friend also claims that Jim Bob Duggar knows about their relationship, but continues to avoid the topic all together. Laura is now living in Atlanta and she works for a major design firm.

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There has been some speculation that she has moved, but why has she been in Missouri with Jana Duggar? Over the weekend, she went to Silver Dollar City with Jana and her brother, James Duggar. Although, it is just a short drive from Arkansas, it is not too close to Atlanta and this has held some fans to believe that Laura is back in Arkansas and dating Jana.

Counting On News: Is Jana Duggar Dating Her BFF?

This is not the first trip that Laura has made back to Arkansas and clearly won’t be the last. During a pandemic, it seems odd that she would want to travel that much and this is why we think she has come back to Arkansas for good, or at least until the pandemic has calmed down. Maybe it’s just that she doesn’t want to be in a large city like Atlanta during this time or is it because she misses Counting On’s Jana Duggar?


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We hope to find out what is going on with these women soon. Perhaps they really are just the best of friends and are leaning on one another a lot these days because of this crazy world we are living in right now or perhaps they are dating and if that is the case, we hope Jim Bob Duggar can get over it.

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