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Sister Wives News: Robyn Brown’s Mysterious Disappearance

robyn brown, sister wives cast updates 2020Sister Wives news reveals Robyn Brown rumors have been running rampant lately. It seems like cast member Robyn Brown has just vanished and no one really knows what is going on with her right now.

Sister Wives ended last season just with Kody Brown on the couch with Christine and Janelle Brown and Meri and Robyn were nowhere to be found. What is going on here?

Sister Wives News: Robyn Brown’s Social Media Break

Many of her fans think that Robyn Brown is just taking a break from the crazy world of social media. It has gotten pretty bad with the global pandemic all over the news and people are making it even worse on social media. Others think that she has left the Brown family.

After watching the last season of Sister Wives, it seems clear that Kody Brown’s fourth wife Robyn Brown had a lot of drama and sadness. She was in tears for most of the season and this could be the reason that she is trying to stay off of social media and out of the public eye. Other Sister Wives fans think that Kody Brown is the one to blame for her absence and he has caused her to disappear.

Sister Wives Updates 2020: Where Is Robyn Brown?

There have been a lot of sources that pointed out that Kody Brown has been with Robyn ever since the pandemic began and now fans think that Kody is finished with polygamy and wants to go back to just one wife.

Many fans think that Kody Brown wants to just focus on Robyn now and the pandemic has given him a change of heart about having multiple wives. We did see him divorce Meri Brown so he could legally marry Robyn, so these fans think that was step one of this big process.

robyn brown sister wives spoilers

Kody Brown’s lifestyle, though, is based all on his faith and polygamy is a big part of that. This would mean that he has stopped believing in his faith and now wants to try a new life with Robyn, but this still doesn’t explain where she is.

For now, we will have to wait and see if Robyn Brown does show up on social media again. Many people have taken a break during this time and we can definitely see how she could really need it after the disaster of a season they had last year!

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