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OutDaughtered: Busby Family Shares Exciting News

danielle and adam busby, tlc outdaughtered castNo, they’re not moving. The Busby Family from TLC’s OutDaughtered are taking a U-Haul full of donations for the victims of Hurricane Laura. Danielle Busby posted on her Instagram that they were going to help those in need in Lake Charles. The OutDaughtered cast member asked her fans nearby to bring donations and to try to help those who have suffered in the hurricane.

OutDaughtered News: The Busby Family Gets Together

Danielle Busby had the help of her sister, Ashley to get the donations all taken care of. “My sister Ashley (Aunt LiLi) has decided to transform her hair salon, Heist Hair Bar, Waiting/Reception Area into a Donation Collection Site,” Danielle told her followers. The Busby quints and Adam Busby decided to help pack up the donations and bring them to Lake Charles to those in need.

The Busby’s shared pictures of the girls working really hard at helping to pack up the trailer. Adam Busby was hanging out and posing with Blayke Busby. Danielle wrote, “The Busbys filled up this U-Haul today and Adam is headed to Lake Charles in the morning to drop off for families in need after Hurricane Laura.”

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OutDaughtered News: Adam & Danielle Busby’s Hurricane Relief Efforts

Danielle’s fans took the time and money to help get donations for those in Lake Charles and she was happy to help. Adam Busby is going to Lake Charles all by himself, but he did take some footage of the devastation caused by Hurricane Laura.

The OutDaughtered cast member talked about how people were out of power and the overall feeling he got from being there was sadness, but he hoped that they could use the donations that fans and friends pulled together and got for them.

OutDaughtered Updates: The Busby’s Aren’t Done Yet!

The Busby’s are continuing to get more donations for those in Lake Charles and Danielle continues to post on social media about it. If they get enough donations again, they will drive the truck for the fourth time to make sure the people of Lake Charles get the items that they need.

We love what the Busby’s are doing to try and help and we hope that fans that live nearby can do their part as well. You can see Adam’s footage on his Instagram account and you can continue to follow the family until the next season of OutDaughtered.

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