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Love After Lockup News: Dylan Smith Spotted With New Girlfriend

dylan love after lockup newsLove After Lockup cast member Heather was ready to get married to felon Dylan Smith when he got released from prison. However, the relationship seems to have crumbled and Dylan is now getting cozy with a new girl. Keep reading to get the details on Love After Lockup’s Dylan moving on.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Heather Had a Plan

In Love After Lockup, Dylan was in prison for five years. Once he got out, Heather planned to marry him and start their new chapter together. However, her plan was not successful and Dylan has moved on with someone else.

Love After Lockup Spoilers 2020: Heartbreak Ahead For Heather

In the reality TV series, Heather was looking forward to the day when Dylan would be released. She once compared waiting for him to get out of prison to waiting for Christmas presents from Santa. She pulled out all the stops to make sure everything was perfect following Dylan’s release. However, it doesn’t look like Heather got her fairy tale ending, just another heartbreak.

love after lockup cast dylan girlfriend

Love After Lockup Cast News: Dylan Shows Off New Woman

On social media, Love After Lockup’s Dylan Smith was tagged in a picture of him posing with another woman. The two seem very close and personal, so it’s suggested that this woman isn’t just a friend. Dylan didn’t give any information on his mysterious new lover, but has been busy posting lots of photos of the two together.

In fact, one picture on Instagram featured Dylan Smith kissing his new girlfriend on the lips. So, it’s clear that he has definitely moved on from Heather and is showing off his new woman.

Love After Lockup Season 3: What Happened With Heather & Dylan Smith?

We are just getting introduced to Dylan and Heather. He had a reputation before he went to prison of being a player. However, Heather thought that she was different and that he was done with his partying ways.

To find out what happened with Dylan and Heather we will have to keep watching Love After Lockup.  But, she has posted several times on social media that they are no longer together and has made some pretty serious abuse allegations against him.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with reality TV right now. Come back here often for Love After Lockup spoilers, news and updates.

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