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Counting On News: Josh and Anna Duggar Living In Warehouse On Jim Bob’s Compound

josh and anna duggar, counting on cast, duggar family newsCounting On fans are really perplexed by what is going on with Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna Duggar. The family patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar, sold a house to the couple and Anna recently put in on the market with an overinflated price tag. Now, Josh and Anna Duggar are living in a dark, windowless warehouse on the Duggar property. What’s really going on here?

Counting On News: Anna Duggar Puts House on Market

It was recently revealed by The Sun and other media outlets that the home Jim Bob sold Josh and Anna was being put on the market. It had quite the high price tag, too. It was priced at $799,000. Now, they only bought the home for $257,000.

Normally, when there is that much of a high price when reselling a home, it’s because of major improvements and upgrades. However, sources say that the home was in really bad shape and needed tons of work.

Duggar News: Josh Duggar’s Family Live in Dark Warehouse

The Counting On stars didn’t move to another home. They decided to move into a dark warehouse with no windows on the Duggar property. Not exactly “home sweet home” and is that really the kind of environment they want their kids to live in? It seems like it’s a matter of necessity rather than a deep-rooted desire to live in a dark warehouse.

Counting On Couples Net Worth

According to Cafe Mom, many members of the Duggar family have a decent net worth. However, Josh and Anna are the exception. They are estimated to only have a net worth of $200,000. So, it seems that Josh and Anna might be having some major financial issues.

anna duggar news, counting on cast

Plus, it isn’t known if Josh Duggar is even working, which would definitely explain why they would have to sell their home.

Duggar Family News: Issues Started Long Ago

There is a reason why Josh and Anna Duggar are not as well-loved as the other couples in the 20 Kids and Counting spin off, Counting On. Josh’s scandalous past went viral when someone went digging.

Then, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s oldest son was caught doing some very un-Christian things, which only further tarnished Josh’s image. He went to rehab and fans wondered if Anna Duggar would leave him. However, she stayed, which has created some people to have strong opinions on why she would do such a thing.

duggar news, josh and anna kids

It seems that is where Josh and Anna’s problems began and despite years going by, they are still struggling. What do you think is the reason they put their house on the market and moved into a dark warehouse on the Duggar compound?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the Duggars right now. Come back here often for Counting On spoilers, news and updates.

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