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Sister Wives News: Meri Brown’s Done Being A Doormat

meri brown sister wives cast newsSister Wives star Meri Brown posts a lot of quotes and while all of them might not be about her specific situation with Kody Brown, some do make people wonder. Recently, Sister Wives’ Meri posted to her Instagram stories a quote about not letting people walk all over her and setting boundaries. Could this be another big step in Meri becoming more independent and learning lessons after leaving Kody Brown?

Sister Wives Updates 2020: Meri Brown Staying at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn in Utah

Although the Brown family moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, Meri Brown is currently staying at her award-winning Utah B&B, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. The establishment recently celebrated a huge milestone and Meri has been getting help from family to make it a series of contests and events.

Sister Wives’ Meri and Kody’s 25-year-old daughter, Mariah Brown, is helping out and so is Mariah’s fiance. Plus, the Sister Wives star’s mom helps out at the B&B too. While lots of people congratulated Meri Brown on the accomplishment, there were only crickets coming from Kody, Janelle, Christine and Robyn Brown.

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Sister Wives News: Meri Brown’s Instagram Quotes

The 49-year-old Sister Wives star is known for sharing lots of inspirational quotes on Instagram. Sometimes, it’s just because she likes the quote. Other times, fans wonder if they have a special significance for Meri. She recently posted one about not allowing people to walk all over her and setting boundaries.

“Being kind does not mean allowing people to walk all over you. It means setting healthy boundaries with others. Because you must be kind to yourself before you can show true kindness to anyone else.”

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Sister Wives Star Not a Doormat?

According to the Sun, there are indications that Meri posted this quote as another way to tell her followers things she has learned. She wasted a lot of years staying married to Kody and putting up with his antics. Even though Kody and Meri have been silent on the state of their relationship, it’s pretty clear that they are over. Meri hasn’t worn her wedding ring in months and neither acknowledged their wedding anniversary.

Meri seems to have been focusing on her business endeavors and working on herself. No matter if one is a fan or hater of Meri, nobody deserves to be in a loveless marriage. Based on Kody’s comments to a marriage therapist during the last season of Sister Wives, there’s no going back.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Meri Brown right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news and updates.

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