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Sister Wives News: Kody Brown Done With Plural Marriage?

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Sister Wives spoilers over the years have shown the Brown family go through a lot of stress and drama as their finances are getting lower and Kody Brown’s plural marriage is falling apart slowly. Fourth wife Robyn Brown seems to get Kody Brown’s attention all to herself these days and it has become apparent all over social media.

Christine Brown recently confirmed there’s some angst among Kody Brown’s wives and shared a photo on Instagram of some jewelry that her daughter sent to her. She posted, “Kendra Scott is probably my favorite jewelry company of all time. Thank you love!”

Sister Wives News: Christine Brown Shades Robyn

So under other circumstances, some jewelry may not be that big of a deal to Christine, but did you know that Robyn Brown has her own jewelry line? Many of Christine’s fans think that she is throwing major shade at Robyn by posting this on social media. Why didn’t her daughter get some of Robyn’s jewelry? Clearly, she doesn’t want to support her.

A source opened up to fans about Kody and Robyn back in June. They wrote, “Robyn seems to be the favorite wife. When I saw them, the look they gave themselves, of course. Every new wife that comes along is the favorite. She is young, she is pretty, she is absolutely the favorite.”

Kody Brown News: Another Sister wives Divorce Coming?

Sister Wives reports and rumors hint Kody Brown also has spent the most of the COVID-19 quarantine with Robyn and hasn’t given the other wives the same attention.  Apparently, Kody  Brown is using the pandemic as an excuse not to go to his other wives’ houses and is having them quarantine for two weeks every time they go out of town before he will visit them, which gives him an excuse to stay at Robyn’s house longer.

robyn brown news, sister wives updates 2020

Divorce has been brought up several times with the other wives and it seems like Kody Brown may be getting tired of having to give all of his attention to four different women. The Sister Wives cast member should have realized that when he decided to marry four different wives!

Sister wives Spoilers 2020: Is Robyn Brown Really Kody’s Favorite?

There has been drama with Robyn Brown too though. When she needed to find a new house, they fought about it and he told the Sister Wives cameras, “I’m getting close to the point where I’m going to break up the company I have with her and go buy a house without her.”

Even though he had a full on tantrum, Kody Brown always gets his way and the wives always end up feeling like dirt. Why do these women stay with him? This will always be a mystery to us, but in the meantime, be sure to follow the Sister Wives on social media to keep up with them.

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