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Love After Lockup: New Promo Confirms Lacey Whitlow Pregnant, Plus Sarah Simmons’ New Boyfriend

love after lockup cast lacey whitlow pregnant Love After Lockup spoilers have been hinting that Lacey Whitlow is pregnant for months now.  The last time we saw Lacey and Shane Whitlow on Life After Lockup the couple was discussing having a baby and visited a fertility doctor to discuss their options.  Despite all of their break-ups and make-ups, it appears Lacey and Shane Whitlow went through with their baby plans and are indeed pregnant.

Life After Lockup Quarantine Edition: Lacey Whitlow Pregnant

A four episode Life After Lockup event is scheduled to premiere on WE on September 11.  The network released an all new promo video revealing which cast members will be on the quarantine edition spinoff.  Love After Lockup cast members Lacey and Shane, Brittney and Marcelino, Andrea and Lamar, Sarah and Michael, and Angela and Tony will all be returning.

The new Life After Lockup teaser video features a giddy Lacey Whitlow holding up a pregnancy test, confirming rumors that have been floating around that she is pregnant.  Lacey and Shane have been trying to hide the pregnancy on social media, and alluding to a big surprise.  No one is really surprised, Lacey’s pregnancy has been obvious for quite a while.

love after lockup cast sarah simmons boyfriend

Love After Lockup Cast News: Sarah Simmons’ New Boyfriend

Love After Lockup spoilers tease that Sarah Simmons has a big surprise as well.  Despite her umpteenth “pregnancy scare” the network has been teasing, Michael Simmon’s baby-mama doesn’t appear to have a bun in the oven.

But, Sarah Simmons reveals in the new Life After Lockup promo that she has  a new boyfriend.  Can Michael really be mad?  He’s had more girlfriends than we can count while he was still in a relationship with Sarah.  Regardless, it will definitely be interesting to see how it all plays out.  Oh and spoiler alert, Tony is still cheating on Angela.  Did that even need to be confirmed?

Your favorite #LifeAfterLockup couples are going into lockdown! Watch a first look of the 4-part event premiering next Friday at 9/8c!

Posted by Love After Lockup on Thursday, September 3, 2020

Life After Lockup Quarantine Edition premieres on WE on September 11, set your DVR’s!  Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Love After Lockup. Come back here often for Love After Lockup spoilers, news, and updates.

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