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Is TLC Seeking Sister Wife Ever Coming Back On With New Episodes?

seeking sister wife season 3 new episodes, briney familyIs Seeking Sister Wife cancelled?  For fans of the show Seeking Sister Wife, there have been concerns about the show being picked up for season 3. The popular TLC show is one that has not gained a lot of attention like Sister Wives, but it has become very popular with fans of TLC series.

We were excited when we read about the casting call for Seeking Sister Wife Season 3, but a lot has happened since then. The global pandemic happened and we are not so sure that TLC has been filming the TV show.

Will We Ever Get New Seeking Sister Wife Episodes?

The big question on everyone’s mind is, was Seeking Sister Wife cancelled? We all thought that it would come back on after the Sister Wives 2019 finale, but it never did. Some fans think that TLC filmed the show, but it just never aired.

There are many rumors that they just have it sitting on a desk somewhere, but with all of the COVID related closings, we highly doubt that is a possibility. So what will happen to Seeking Sister Wife?

TLC announced quite a few shows this summer and for the fall. Sweet Home Sextuplets came back and Outdaughtered, but where is Seeking Sister Wife? Do you think that TLC will randomly show up with a trailer for the show and soon? We have our fingers crossed for it because the show was really going places for us.

tlc seeking sister wife new episodes 2020

Seeking Sister Wife Behind The Scenes Drama

There have been multiple cast members of Seeking Sister Wife pulled from the network because of their personal reasons and this could have something to do with the show not returning. When April left Seeking Sister Wife’s Briney family, there was a lot of drama and we’re not so sure that TLC was ready for it.

Angela told fans, “Without getting into many details here, simply put, April left our family and took Drew’s and her children out of the state (back to Utah) under the pretext of taking them for a local hike not far from our Oregon home. She never came back.”  We will have to wait and see what happens next for TLC and Seeking Sister Wife.

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