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Counting On News: Amy Duggar Reveals Truth About Chaperoning Josh & Anna Duggar

counting on cousin amy duggar kingOn TLC’s Counting On, we have seen a lot of drama and some of it comes from Duggar family members who are no longer on the show. Amy Duggar King is one of the relatives that has been very open about her views on her famous family. Amy Duggar is no stranger to throwing shade at her family and she has started doing it again.

Duggar Family News: Who Does Amy Support?

Counting On’s Amy Duggar has been a huge supporter of some members of her family, including Jill Duggar. She has given interviews about her famous family and some of her interviews have been deleted because of privacy issues, but Amy doesn’t care to talk about her family.

Counting On fans know that cousin Amy wasn’t raised like the rest of her Duggar family. She isn’t conservative like her cousins and she opened up more about it on a podcast.

Amy told fans that she was recruited to do the show and it was something she really didn’t want to do. She went to see her grandmother, Mary Duggar, and then she was asked to be the chaperone for Anna Keller and Josh Duggar.

Counting On News: Amy Duggar Opens Up About Josh & Anna

“A producer saw me covering my mouth…so he came up to me, and he goes, ‘Who are you?’ and I was like, ‘I’m Amy, I’m the cousin. I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to laugh,’ and he was like, ‘No, that kind of brings a new element to the show.’ He was like, ‘Well, do you want to be the chaperone?’ And I was like, ‘Well, you probably wouldn’t like that…I’d probably just let them kind of do whatever they wanted to do.’

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Amy Duggar and her husband Dillon got married in September of 2015 and her Duggar cousins were very excited for them. They told their families that they were expecting a child in April of 2019. She told her fans that her cousins were curious about them having a family. “They were like, ‘When is this going to happen? You guys have been married for almost four years. I think it was the appropriate amount of time.”

Amy Duggar has been very open about her life and her childhood. She knows that she is a lot different than the rest of the Duggars and we are happy that she shares with her fans about their lives.  Check back here for more Duggar Family news and updates.

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