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My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Wants To Be Called Fat

whitney way thore, tlc big fat fabulous life My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore identifies as fat and made that clear to fans recently. Thore called out people who use terms like “chunky,” “fluffy” and other non-fat terms are showing their fatphobia. She believes that My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans who use those alternative terms to describe her body type are showing that they are showing they aren’t okay with her weight.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life News: Whitney Thore’s Weight Journey

The reality star has been very open about her struggle with her weight over the years. Whitney Way Thore even ended up with an eating disorder, so these days she doesn’t focus on the numbers, but on health. However, she is very passionate about identifying with “fat” and wants her fans to respect that.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Fans Called Out

Some of Whitney’s fans use non-fat terms to describe her fat. Some include fluffy, chunky, chubby and plump. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star feels that by them using these terms instead of fat, that they are showing they are not okay with her weight, thus being fatphobic.

What Started It All

So, what exactly prompted the star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life to call out fans? She shared a photo of herself from childhood wearing a swimsuit. In the caption, she asked if they had the swimsuit in “size fat.”

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The comments were filled with all kinds of statements. Some claimed that Whitney shouldn’t use the word fat and others insisted that the reality star was not fat. However, Whitney  Thore explained that she is fat and that is what she identifies with.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney also said that fat is beautiful and people who don’t get that should stop. Whitney also replied that those who are overweight and don’t identify with fat is their thing, but not hers.

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life Fans Are Divided

After Whitney Thore called out fans, they were divided on how they felt about it. Some appreciated her brutal honesty and being comfortable enough to identify as fat. However, others were not pleased that she called them out like that. Some claimed they just wanted to help, but Whitney said that is not the problem. She explained that everyone views “fat” as “bad” and that is the root issue.

What do you think of Whitney Thore calling out fans who said she wasn’t fat or tried to use a non-fat term to describe her body?

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