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Love After Lockup Summer 2020 Spoilers: Destinie Folsom Attacks Shawn, Lindsey Downs Drops A Bomb On Scott

love after lockup 2020 destinie folsom attacks shawn osborne, season 3 spoilersLove After Lockup summer 2020 spoilers tease that how you approach the fact that it’s already midseason depends a lot on how you view a beer mug that needs refilling, is it half empty or half full?

While you continue to think about that, we have some Love After Lockup spoilers about your favorite convicts and their partners, including lovebirds cast members Destinie Folsom and Shawn Osborne.

Each Love After Lockup season 3 couple hit a relationship climax in the midseason-ender and there is more than one cliffhanger to tease viewers.

Love After Lockup Cast News: Maurice Meets Jessica Gipson’s Dad

Love After Lockup’s Maurice faces a test when he meets wife Jessica Gipson’s dad. Meeting her family has been a big part of this pair’s storyline. It is important that they approve of him but there is no guarantee of such an outcome.

Love After Lockup spoilers tease that Maurice and Jessica’s father meet; can their relationship survive if something goes awry? They may be about to find out because Jessica’s father says, “hell’s gonna come down if something happens.”

love after lockup cast maurice gipson summer 2020

Love After Lockup Summer 2020 News: Lindsey Downs & Scott Bradshaw

Love After Lockup Season 3 cast member Lindsey Downs has some news for Scott Bradshaw that can’t wait. Fans saw things get hairy between them when she wasn’t on the flight she was supposed to be on and Scott was sent into a dither trying to find her. Now Lindsey proclaims that she has something he needs to hear and darn if the show doesn’t leave us, and Scott, out on a cliff!

Elsewhere Tyrice and Chanda Curls could be skating on thin ice. Already his kids think Chanda sees Tyrice as one big flashing, neon, dollar sign. Love After Lockup spoilers show Chanda seems to confirm this when she doesn’t beat around the bush and wants to know if he will give her more money. Is this a necessary request or is she using him as a wallet?

And then there is reunion between Heather and Dylan Smith. After five long years of dating her convict, Heather’s day of reckoning is here. What, she’s already worrying if their connection can survive on the outside?!

Destinie Folsom Assaults Shawn Osborne – Love After Lockup Updates

And then there is one-of-a-kind couple Destinie Folsom and Shawn Osborne. They’ve been finding their way around each other, but for Love After Lockup’s Destinie it usually involves money. This is not easy since Shawn has a six-pack of kids to feed in addition to Destinie.

Spoiler alert: For all his trouble, poor Shawn gets smacked, not on the kisser but across his not-so-pretty face.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Love After Lockup. Come back here often for Love After Lockup spoilers, news, and updates.

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