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Love After Lockup News: Sarah Simmons’ Shocking Reveal

love after lockup sarah simmonsLove After Lockup cast member Sarah Simmons has made a stunning transformation recently. She looks amazing and it seems that life is going really well for her since she parted ways with Michael Simmons. Not only does she look incredible, but she has some pretty healthy and positive goals in her life. Keep reading to get an update on the Love After Lockup cast member!

Love After Lockup News: Sarah Simmons Focused on Health and Fitness

Love After Lockup’s cast member Sarah Simmons is determined to get healthy and fit. According to her pictures on social media, she has certainly done that. She looks like she has not only lost a lot of weight, but firmed and toned up as well. Sarah Simmons also looks really happy, which is always a plus for every girl! In addition, she is doing her best to keep drama out of her life.

After Sarah had her kids, she worked on losing the weight, toned up and started making healthier choices.

Love After Lockup Updates: Focused on Family

Sarah has two daughters and her top priority is raising them the best way that she can. Not only has Sarah made changes that affect her own life, but that of her children, as well. She is focused on a positive mindset. The Love After Lockup star wants to be sure that her family is happy and healthy. That is something that is going to be an amazingly positive change for the entire family.

Love After Lockup: Other Drastic Changes

In addition to losing weight and having a healthy mental attitude, Sarah Simmons also cut her hair. In addition to that, she no longer wears loose t-shirts. Instead, she has traded those in for some body-hugging activewear, which looks great on her.

love after lockup cast sarah simmons,

What About Love After Lockup’s Michael Simmons?

For those that might not know, Michael and Sarah ended their relationship once she realized he was never going to change. A breakup can spin someone into a depression, but Sarah took a different route. She ended up using everything inside of her to focus on creating a better world for herself and her kids.

While she wants Michael to be a father to his children, she is personally done with him and is moving on with her life. We want to send a huge congratulations out to Sarah Simmons and are really excited about her new healthy journey. What are your thoughts on Sarah’s new look, health journey and positive mindset?

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