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Counting On News: Anna Duggar Shares Struggles With Baby Mayella

Counting On News: Anna Duggar Shares Struggles With Baby Mayella

When Counting On’s Anna Duggar had her first child, Mason, she had some problems when it came to breastfeeding. She chatted with some of her fans on social media about breastfeeding with her youngest, Mayella, who is nine months old.

Counting On News: Fans Give Anna Duggar Tips

Anna Duggar posted on Instagram an adorable photo of her with Mayella. Her fans started to ask her questions about breastfeeding and how that was going. One fan asked her,” Does she have a milk protein intolerance like your last baby?” Anna replied, “Maryella does not have a milk protein intolerance. I am so thankful. It has made nursing much easier.”

When Josh and Anna had their first child, they had a lot of problems starting very early on in his life. She posted on social media, “Allergies showed up at 2 weeks and caused us to switch to formula while momma cut dairy and other potential allergy-causing foods out of my diet (i.e gluten, corn, soy, eggs, nuts, chicken, and nightshade foods.) Thankfully, as we added things back into my diet, we discovered Mason was only allergic to dairy, and, by January, he was back up to 100 percent nursing and thriving.”

Anna and Josh have been very aware of what they eat now that they know that Mason has a dairy allergy. They want to give him the foods that he likes, but they know they have to find dairy alternatives now.

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Counting On News: Will Anna & Josh Duggar Have More Kids?

In her Instagram post, more of her fans asked if she and Josh Duggar would have more kids, some asked about Josh’s past, and some even gave her praise on being such a strong and loyal wife.

Counting On’s Anna Duggar didn’t seem to mind talking to some of her fans and answer their questions. It is important to note that she did not answer the questions about Josh’s past and she did not answer the questions about the couple having more kids.

Duggar Family News: Will Josh & Anna Duggar Appear On Counting On Again

Josh and Anna Duggar are not featured on Counting On very often because of the sexual assault charges that were filed against Josh. The couple continues to build their relationship and no matter what, Anna has stood by Josh Duggar.

Keep up with Anna and Josh on Instagram and keep an eye on Counting On on TLC on Tuesday nights to see if they show up again.  Check back here for more Duggar Family news and updates.

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