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Sister Wives News: Christine Brown Accused Of Stealing Janelle’s Granny Status

sister wives cast kody brown, christine brown Sister Wives spoilers show cast member Christine Brown upset fans by gushing over Janelle Brown’s grandkids. Viewers felt it was necessary to stand up for Janelle and remind her sister wife who the real grandmother of the children is. Keep reading to get all the details about what happened and why Sister Wives fans were so outspoken about the situation.

Sister Wives News: Christine Brown Shares, A Lot

Like Meri Brown, Christine sells apparel and uses Facebook groups and Live streams as a way to generate sales. During those video chat sessions, Christine Brown will also answer fan questions and share what is going on with her family. Sometimes, she shares a bit too much, as was the case during a recent Live event.

Sister Wives Cast: Janelle Brown’s Granddaughter

The Sister Wives star has a daughter, Maddie Brown Brush. Maddie is currently going through quite a lot with her own daughter. The one-year-old child has FATCO Syndrome and had to have her foot amputated. Evie Brush needs a prosthetic leg in order for the little girl to have mobility. The amputation was one step in that process. Evie also had an operation to remove the webbing between her fingers, which added dexterity.

Sister Wives News: Playing Granny

Even though all the sister wives raised their children together, some fans feel that certain lines shouldn’t be crossed.

sister wives news, maddie browns daughter evie

Kody Brown’s third wife Christine was gushing about Maddie’s children, including Evie and called herself “Oma” to the kids. Viewers felt that she crossed a line and felt that they needed to stand up for Janelle Brown. They were quite outspoken and reminded Christine that she is not the grandmother.

Sister Wives News: What Does Janelle Brown Say?

Sister Wives’ Christine is much more comfortable in the public spotlight than Janelle. While Janelle hasn’t spoken out about how she feels about the situation, fans still feel the urge to stick up for her. It might be something that bothers Janelle, or she could be perfectly fine with all the sister wives sharing the granny status.

janelle brown, sister wives cast news updates 2020

We won’t know how Sister Wives cast member Janelle Brown really feels about the situation — if there is even a problem – unless she says something. But it’s nice to know that fans have her back.

Do you think that Janelle Brown needed fans to defend her? What is your opinion on Christine Brown calling herself “Oma” to Maddie’s children? Do you think she is overstepping boundaries or could this all be okay between the sister wives?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with reality TV right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news and updates.

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